45 years ago

Feb. 8, 1971

Representatives of the Sierra Club are scheduled to ask the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors tomorrow to join them in demanding that the state halt construction of New Melones dam.

Feb. 9, 1971

This morning’s devastating earthquake in Los Angeles was felt in Tuolumne County by a delicate seismograph inside the Harvard Mine at Jamestown. The sensors, located deep in an abandon tunnel on the mine property, recorded a Richter magnitude of 6.5.

Feb. 15, 1971

County employees will receive an additional 4.83 percent cost of living salary hike beginning in July. The boost is slightly less then was received earlier in the fiscal year. County Clerk-Auditor Carlo De Ferrari reported that checks for 305 employees have been reflecting only a 6.2 percent annual increase. He estimates the additional hike will cost the county $110,000, bringing a $465 per month wage to $488, and a $1,061 salary to $1,113 per month.

62 years ago

Feb. 25, 1954

• There is a company drilling for oil on Mr. Rushing’s land at Waterford, and at present they are a little over 1,500 feet in depth. The company is working three shifts a day.

• While mining for gold in the old channel of the Stanislaus river, J. F. Curtis and Leonard Lepay of Oakdale have discovered a vein of coal six miles above Knight’s Ferry. The coal vein is more than two feet thick and is believed to have some value as fuel.

79 years ago

Feb. 26, 1937

Quartz ore liberally sprinkled with free-filling gold and carrying also a large amount of high-grade sulfides, including tellurium, is being opened up on the 1,000-foot level of the Confidence mine, in a very rich vein that was discovered six months ago next to the hanging wall, and which has already been developed extensively on the 900 and 800 levels. The vein is from four to six feet wide, with high-grade streaks a few inches to 18 inches in width occurring almost anywhere in the ledge.

92 years ago

Feb. 28, 1924

LIQUORED UP — Frank O’Leary, a laborer out at Standard, took a gloomy view of things generally last Saturday, and made an attempt to take his life while seated in his cabin. It seems he had been indulging in some carelessly made bootleg whiskey that deranged his brain. When the spell was on, he grabbed an ax and brought it against his forehead several times. Blood gushed freely from the wounds, his face and clothes turned crimson, but his head was either too hard or the blows too weak, as injuries inflicted were not severe.

113 years ago

Feb. 3, 1903

The Sierra Club of San Francisco wants a bridge built across the Cherry river at a point somewhere in the vicinity of Lake Eleanor, in order that its members may conveniently explore the Sierras in that section. The club, brazenly, has suggested that Tuolumne County Supervisors order construction of the bridge immediately, and that it be paid for locally. The matter has not yet come up for official review, but a majority of board members have already expressed themselves as being heartily in favor of a better alternative: Instead of a bridge, it is suggested, the Sierra Club might try fording the river, thereby enjoying one of the most pleasurable experiences accompanying a real, genuine mountain outing.

120 years ago

Feb. 8, 1896

• The delivery wagon of the Union Cash Store was badly damaged Wednesday. While Ernest Gilkey was delivering some merchandise, the horse took a notion to run — and carried it out. The vehicle struck the corner of the Eureka Engine House, on Washington street, and was broken into many pieces. Ernest says his horse has only one fault — it is always ready for a run.

• Eggs are selling at 20 cent per dozen.

129 years ago

Feb. 26, 1887

A man named Simons was caved on Wednesday, while working in the Harriman mine on Saratoga Hill near town. He was considerably bruised, but otherwise fortunate in not being made a corpse.

160 years ago

Feb. 4, 1856

STAGES! STAGES! STAGES! A. M. Fisher, stage proprietor, is now running fine commodious coaches and fast teams, starting at 12 o’clock daily, from Green’s City Hotel, in Sonora, and arriving at La Grange (French Bar) and Pleasant Valley around 6 o’clock. Coaches also leave La Grange every other day for Mariposa, via Phillips Ferry and Hornitos.