2019 Centenarian Luncheon -1

Friends, family and Tuolumne County dignitaries and commissioners gathered at the Tuolumne County Senior Center on Thursday, Nov. 7, for the Tuolumne County Centenarian Society Honors Luncheon.

Some of Tuolumne County’s oldest residents were treated to a lunch served by county dignitaries on Thursday during the annual Centenarian Luncheon presented by the Tuolumne County Commission on Aging.

In 1919, the year this year’s centenarians were born, President Woodrow Wilson won the Nobel Peace Prize, Congress established the Grand Canyon and pepperoni was invented in the U.S.

This year’s honors luncheon included the introduction of Centenarians in Training into the commission’s University of Life — or those 90 to 95 years old. Other groups honored each year are freshmen (96), sophomores (97), juniors (98), seniors (99) and the Centenarian Society (100).

Although no centenarians were able to attend, there are six recognized in the county: Ruth Callahan, 100; Ruth Moss, 100; Mary Bonillas, 102; Jewel Guhl, 104; Agnes Christiansen, 105; and Louise Sener, 106.

Members of Centenarians in Training include Nita Hillarides, 90; Joe Uvelli, 95; Mary Ellen Carroll, 95; Bette Irwin, 94; Betty Sheffield, 95; and Johanna Groothuyzen, 95.

Freshman members (96) include June Benson, Wayne Bolitho, Lucille Brown, Verna Herrero-Byars, Ruth Ewing, Dorothy Gleason, Gene Henry, Velda Miller, Margaret Petersen, Rosemary Tomai and Lucille Triers.

Sophomore members (97) include Virgina Campbell, Dorothy Hendry, Doris Lunceford, Lillian Martin, Gladys Nightengale and Floyd Krause.

Junior members (98) include Genevieve Cavallieri, Janet Hume, Helen Johnson, Bonnie Nelson and Millie Taplin.

Senior members (99) include Wahna Inks, Ruth Shaw and Trudi Fueg.

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