Are your dog waste bags truly biodegradable?

Can you imagine this? The amount of diverted dog waste for processing is predicted to be in the range of between 150 and 400 ton every year, just in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, alone with potential for further increases beyond that. The dog population in Vancouver is estimated between 32,000 and 55,000.

The unbelievable amount of dog poop handled by city waste collection through numerous waste collection streams is expected to be between 1,400 and 6,900 ton roughly with nearly 400 ton of this waste flowing through our park litter stream.

Now Imagine this, all that dog waste is primarily being picked up with plastic non-biodegradable poop waste bags. That’s a lot of plastic waste. It’s also a lot of dog waste entombed in plastic bags thrown into landfills never to biodegrade.

People need to have a better understanding of if their poop bags are genuinely biodegradable.

There are zero plastic options to disposing of your pet’s waste. K9 Clean is a family-run pet supply company from Surrey, BC, specializing in environmentally friendly pet products.

Our innovative and practical products are for people who love their pets and want to use eco pet products to reduce their pets’ impact on the environment. We always encourage our customers to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible; our products make this more possible.

Whether you want to do your part in keeping our planet plastic-free with our Eco Poop Scoop bags , or you just simply want to clean your dog’s muddy paws using our pet shower, K9 Clean is the best choice for products that keep your pup and the environment happy.

We love dogs, and love the earth that we live in. Our mandate is to try and make this a more enjoyable place for our furry friends and they’re not so pleasant presents that they leave us to clean up. Help us create awareness and spread the word that there are natural dog waste options available.

Let’s work together to create a greener world for our kids and our pets, and reduce the single-use plastic bag pollution once and for all. Go green with K9 Clean; we are the only plastic-free alternative to disposing of your pet’s waste. Try our biodegradable dog poop bags today.

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