Editor’s note: Take a trip back to the Mother Lode’s past with a look at The Union Democrat archives.

150 years ago

May 15, 1869

A man named Joe Gross had both legs badly broken last Monday by a bank caving on him in his hydraulic claim near Summit Pass, in the mountains east of Columbia. He received the necessary surgical attendance from Dr. Eichelroth and is doing as well as can be expected.

130 years ago

May 11, 1889

Following is the substance of provisions of special interest in this locality:

Quail, partridge, grouse and rail may be killed from Sept. 10th to March 1st. Doves may be killed from June 1st to January 1st. Deer may be killed from July 1st to Dec. 15t h. Trout may be caught from April 1st to November 1st.

120 years ago

May 13, 1899

Two young men in Sacramento have discovered a sure system of beating a nickel in the slot machine. They carried the thing off and broke it open with an ax. Both financiers are in jail, therefore the scheme is not

119 years ago

May 12, 1900

Thomas Foster, who stabbed H. Wakefield one night last week while the two men were on a spree and was afterward arrested for making an assault with a deadly weapon has been discharged from custody. Wakefield refused to prosecute.

105 years ago

May 16, 1914

Some men man, presumably resident of the Oakdale section, wants to free himself from his wife without incurring the cost of divorce and under the guise of gratifying the desire to become an actress after attempts to secure an engagement for her by writing the Oakdale Leader.

98 years ago

May 14, 1921

A head-on auto collision occurred at Brown’sFlat Tuesday afternoon which resulted in some badly bruised humanity and wrecked cars. Wm. Ramsey, a traveling salesman, was driving toward Columbia in a Studebaker car, which was shared by two men whom he picked up along the highway. Lazarus Vucasovich was proceeding toward Sonora in his Ford, accompanied by John Juka and Mr. and Mrs. Robery Juka, the latter just out from Austria. The commercial man encountered at the watering trough Miss Ruth Alexander whose horse was frightened a bit at the approach of the car. To avoid hitting the animal, Ramsey directed his car to the left side of the road which of course was the wrong side. The impact was terrific.

69 years ago

April 20, 1950

Sire, Harper Heights, just across the river near Vallecito is a nudist camp. George Harper, employee at a Sonora restaurant fountain, established his now well-known camp in June 1949, and is inviting those who want to know more about nudism to a meeting to be held Saturday evening at Solari Hall in Vallecito.

“The speaker will be the vice president of the eastern conference association of Sunbathers,” Mr. Harper said.

“We have a few members from the immediate area but we would like to have more

May 11, 1950

In an effort to replenish the Tuolumne County blood bank to a point where free blood ma be available to all doctors, plans are being made by the Tuolumne County Unit, American Red Cross, to hold another campaign in Sonora on June 1, 1950.

At present Tuolumne County Blood Bank is depleted and blood that has been used for patients here during the past few months has been borrowed from the Stockton bank. The demand for blood is great. The quota for Tuolumne County is 240 pints of blood for 1950.

59 years ago

May 12, 1960

Detailed investigations of eight inmate conservation center sites in Tuolumne County have been ordered by the state department of corrections. The sites are among more than 15 visited by Fred Engle, the department’s deputy director, and Harry Cobden of the state building standards commission/

At the first step, the department of water resources will study water development costs and the division of architecture will report on site development possibilities.

The eight sites:

Rawhide Flat, Thrower property, Martin Ranch, Fitch Ranch, Cromwell Property, Table Mountain, Deer Flat, Big Humbug.

47 years ago

May 16, 1972

Initial steps toward annexing an area east of Sonora to the city appear to be moving rapidly. At a meeting of the city council last night, Atty. Ed. Gorgas, representing the interests of the Guzzi estate, asked councilmen for an extra meeting to discuss annexation plans. He said that California Property Ltd., the firm that bought 11 acres of the Guzzi property on Highway 108 near the patrol office, plans a substantial shopping center out there.

Council action, Gorges declares, is necessary soon on annexation if sewer lines are to be considered in the overall development plan.

The new site for Sonora Elementary school is involved since present plans call for sewer lines hooking into city lines.