Tuolumne County schools have announced Students of the Month for February:

Sadie Schultz, second grade, Belleview Elementary — “Sadie is a very responsible, motivated, and kind student,” said teacher TaylerAnn Brull. “She comes to school every day with a smile, an excitement for learning, and a dedication for going above and beyond. Sadie pays close attention to details and makes sure that her daily work is accurate and of the utmost quality. Sadie is a model student who sets a positive example for her peers. She works hard not only for herself, but to help her peers and teacher as well. Sadie also demonstrates our core values each month by being respectful, having a positive attitude, working well with others, setting high expectations for herself, persevering, and by being considerate of others. Sadie is a wonderful young lady who is a great example of what it means to be a Belleview Eagle.” Sadie is the daughter of

Zoie Hewitt, third grade, Chinese Camp Science Academy — “Zoie is a cheerful and enthusiastic student with a wide variety of interests and skills,” said teacher Linda Cazares. “She is a good friend to her peers and excels at any kind of athletic activity. However, it is Zoie’s determination to reach whatever goal she sets for herself that has really made her stand out over the last few months. Zoie has amazed me with her academic achievements this year. Because of her hard work and determination, she has raised her reading level by two full grades. She is also publishing assignments and stories on her Chromebook, and has a great grasp of each new math concept that is introduced. Zoie’s terrific work ethic will serve her well through her school years and beyond.” Zoie is the daughter of Art and Jess Hewitt, of Jamestown.

Desmond Thomas, third grade, Columbia Elementary — “Desmond stands out because he is kind, hard working and positive,” said teacher Rebecca Fitzwater. “Desmond is someone his friends can always count on. He will also make a point to include anyone and will stop to help anyone who could use a friend. Wherever he goes he brings positive and optimistic energy. He is always looking for the best in a situation or activity. He is never afraid to roll up his sleeves and dive right in.” Desmond is the son of Andrea and Brian Thomas, of Columbia.

Brandon Gladysz, fifth grade, Curtis Creek Elementary — “Brandon is responsible, respectful, and a true role model,” said teachers Lori Cone and Michelle Morlan. “He is well-liked by his peers and teachers. He is friendly and kind to all, and a true pleasure to have in class. Brandon works extremely hard. When faced with a challenge, Brandon will work to overcome any obstacle and maintains a great attitude.” Brandon is the son of Brandon and Andrea Gladysz, of Sonora.

Jared Davis, 12th grade, Dario Cassina High — Jared, the son of Mary and Will Davis, of Jamestown, “is an excellent student, displayed by his work ethic and character,” said counselor Eric Knapp. “He consistently performs well in his academics while also maintaining a positive attendance record. He has a kind heart and cares for his peers, which, if you ask anyone on campus, would attest to.”

Alivia Shepherd, first grade, Foothill Leadership Academy — “Alivia was selected as Student of the Month because she always brings her best self to school,” said teacher Stefani Sheffield. “She is kind and caring to everyone and she takes pride in her work.” Alivia is the daughter of Megan and Hosea Shepherd, of Sonora.

Coulter Greenberg, third grade, Gold Rush Charter — “Coulter is an excellent student who puts his best effort into everything that he does,” said teacher Kia Barrieau. “He is conscientious about following classroom rules and being respectful to his teachers. In addition, Coulter is very kind and respectful in his interactions with his peers, and is a friend to everyone.” Coulter is the son of Peter and Heather Greenberg, of Sonora.

Kelliann Laios, third grade, Hickman Charter — Kelliann, the daughter of Chris and Jenny Laios, of Sonora, “is a student that every teacher dreams to have,” said teacher Sarah James. “Every morning, she greets each adult with a smile, eye contact, and a hello, and is sweet to anyone she meets. In class, Kelliann is focused and engaged in every task. Her school work is completed with care and with her best effort. She excels in reading and is ahead in her grade level. Furthermore, Kelliann has a caring spirit and is friendly to everyone.”

Alexia Gonzalez, first grade, Jamestown Elementary — Alexia, the daughter of Tanya and Martin Gonzalez, of Jamestown, “is an extremely hard worker,” said teacher Jenni Constable. “She always puts in the maximum effort with anything she does. Alexia is independent and wants to get things done on her own, but is never shy to ask for help from me or her peers. When something is difficult, Alexia puts her head down and figures it out. She expresses perseverance and dedication towards herself, classmates and school work. Once she figures something out, she is one of the firsts to offer help to her classmates. She is friendly and kind towards all of those she encounters and is constantly including others. Alexia continuously has a warm smile and nice words when she walks through the door that starts and ends our day in a positive and heart warming manner.”

Timothy Batey, first grade, Lake Don Pedro Elementary — Timothy, the son of Sue and Leif Batey, of Lake Don Pedro, “is a first grader who loves to do math equations and read,” said teacher Jennifer Housler. “He enjoys running and playing at recess and at home. His favorite activities are playing Rolling Sky on his phone and Minecraft on his X-Box 360. In the classroom he is kind and polite. He is an exceptional reader and loves a funny joke.”

Dane Macon, sixth grade, Mother Lode Christian — “Dane is an extremely thoughtful, kind young man who is always willing to help his fellow students and teachers,” said teacher Anna Noonan. “He has grown both academically and socially this year; working at getting his assignments turned in on time, doing his best work and being patient and understanding with his classmates. As his teacher, I am proud to select him as student of the month.” Dane is the son of Alyson Webster and Josh Macon, of Sonora.

Zoe Miller, seventh grade, Mountain Oaks — Zoe, the daughter of Gina Bachtelle, of Sonora, “is a reliable, hardworking, and creative individual,” said teacher Jennifer Lloyd. “Zoe is a gentle, considerate individual who works well in groups with others as an encouraging, optimistic member. When given individual tasks, Zoe focus intently and carefully in order to be as thorough as possible. Zoe is progressing in her problem solving and analysis abilities. Even when she is uncertain, she is willing to give the questions her best effort. She enjoys gymnastics and is part of a traveling team. She loves spending time with extended family and exploring new places.”

Carley Ecroyd, 12th grade, Sonora High — Carley, the daughter of Christine and Jim Ecroyd, of Sonora, “is a wonderful student to have on campus,” said counselor Stacy Kroeze. “She is a strong leader, a talented musician, and she has a heart of gold. Carley is a student who always embraces a challenge. She enrolls in rigorous courses, works hard in school, and has been a four-year member of our cheerleading team, leadership program, and our amazing Golden Regiment Band.”

Aidan Ripley, fourth grade, Soulsbyville Elementary — Aidan, the son of Kristen and Ryan Ripley, of Sonora, “continually displays characteristics of a kind, respectful, responsible, caring student,” said teacher Jessica Brouns. “He is often right there to help anyone in need. He is a great listener in class, and follows the rules that make it enjoyable to teach. He is sure to collect any work he misses during an absence without complaint. He is a joy to have in class, and makes our class community that much nicer to be a part of.”

Caden Cornish, eighth grade, Summerville Elementary — “When Caden sets her mind to something, watch out,” said her teacher. “She will work diligently and consistently until her goal is achieved. She is a leader in the classroom and never hesitates to ask questions or participate in discussions. She is quick to volunteer when peers or staff needs help. Her leadership is also seen on the volleyball court where she is one of the starting setters. Her determination, kindness, and perseverance are appreciated by her teachers, teammates, and peers.” Caden is the daughter of Sierra Amick and Trevor Cornish, of Tuolumne.

Jordon Hike, 12th grade, Theodore Bird High — “Jordon is an outstanding choice for Student of the Month,” said teacher Jeff Hansten. “He works hard in his courses and always does a great job. Jordon is a great guy and a fun person to know. He plans to continue his education after high school at Columbia College and he is considering majoring in psychology. Jordon will graduate ahead of schedule and he is maintaining a 4.0 GPA. It really is a privilege to be Jordon’s teacher.” Jordon is the son of Timothy Babbitt and Lisa O’Connor, of Sonora.

Jordan Orlando, first grade, Tuolumne County Schools Program — “Jordan has had excellent behavior in the class,” said teacher Shea Morgan. “He is well-mannered and is a great friend to his classmates.” Jordan is the son of Kyle Orlando and Janelle Lucero, of Jamestown.

Alexia Covington, third grade, Twain Harte Elementary — “ Lexi demonstrates great work ethic and has a hunger for knowledge,” said teachers Kimberlie Ballard and Karen Stapp. “In addition, she is an analytical thinker who often makes connections beyond her years. She is a strong role model for others and leads with confidence. She is kind, has a gentle spirit, and is well liked by her peers. We are so proud of who you are and grateful to have you in class, Lexi.” Lexi is the daughter of Amy Covington, of Twain Harte.