Editor’s note: Take a trip back to the Mother Lode’s past with a look at The Union Democrat archives.

Feb. 10, 1872

We have seen a novel invention, in the shape of a self-acting wagon-brake, the invention of E.T. Nucknam, of this place, who spent much time in perfecting his invention. He is not taking the necessary steps to procure a patent.

Feb. 4, 1882

Professor Downey will open a dancing school, commencing next Monday evening at Columbia and at Sonora Tuesday. This will be a fine chance to learn, as the professor is one of the bext teachers in the state.

Feb. 6, 1892

About fifteen or twenty young men in this town should be convinced that the hip pocket was not entirely designed for the carrying of pistols.

Feb. 3, 1901

The residence of Mr. and Mrs. David Oliver on Snell Street was the scene of much gaiety last Monday evening. The occasion was their fiftieth wedding anniversary and upwards of fifty friends were present. The couple were remarried after the most approved fashion. The gifts in crystal from friend will ever remind Mr. and Mrs. Oliver of one of the most pleasant incidents of their lives.

Feb. 6, 1942

Five districts of Tuolumne County Have been designated as areas to be barred to alien enemy nationals for the duration of the war. The ban against the aliens will become effective Sunday, February 15, and any alien found on the forbidden territories aiwell be interred for the duration of the war, Although most of the prohibition areas contain hydroelectric generation plants, no mention was made in the list of the LaGrange or Don Pedro dams.

Feb. 2, 1959

There were more than 275 persons present at the third annual Tuolumne County Historical Society Saturday night. Professor Glenn W. Price of College of the Pacific was main speaker of the evening meeting held at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds.

New president of the Tuolumne County Historical Society is Donald I. Segerstrom. Segerstrom said the main objective of the Historical Society for the year 1959 would be to acquire the old Tuolumne County Jail as a museum and headquarters of the county society.

Feb. 4, 1970

A laboratory to assist with the teaching of one of the world’s oldest occupations is now in use at Sonora High School. Agriculture students, who last fall obtained use of an 8.5 acre farm on Shaw Flat Roam are now putting into practice farming techniques learned in the classroom,

Instructor Sam Sharp said 70 junior farmer are building fences, pens and barns on the gently rolling pastureland which will eventually support 40 school-owned head of livestock and an undetermined number of student-owned animals. There are now about 20 sheep grazing on the farm. Plans call for the addition of pigs, poultry, cows and rabbits.