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Student of the Month: Schools name October’s high achievers

Madelan Adam Dario Cassina High School
Hunter Arnold Lake Don Pedro Elementary
Robert Burciaga Summerville Elementary
Anthony Cahoon Curtis Creek Elementary School
Lance Foley Gold Rush Charter School
Heidi Fulton Chinese Camp Science Academy
Owen Gillette Hickman Charter School
Alexis Herfurth Sonora Elementary School
Kristopher Webb Jamestown Nexus
Thomasine Lane Sonora High School
Heaven Murphy Foothill Leadership Academy
Sam Prather Theodore Bird High School
Emily Ray Columbia Elementary School
Naomi Reel Soulsbyville Elementary School
Ben Rishel Twain Harte Elementary School
Valeria Sandoval Don Pedro High School
Sy Sundahl Mountain Oaks Charter School
Macy Bautista Mother Lode Christian School

Tuolumne County schools have named Students of the Month for October:

Audrey Patey, seventh grade, Belleview Elementary —”Successful students get involved in their studies, accept responsibility for their own education and are active participants in class,” said teacher Kim Haycock. “Audrey Patey stands out among the many hard-working students at Belleview School. She has a unique way of looking on the bright side of every situation and continues to lift the spirits of everyone in our class. She works hard to apply what she already knows to the new ideas that she encounters. Audrey takes the time to really think

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Tuolumne County schools have named Students of the Month for October:

Audrey Patey, seventh grade, Belleview Elementary —”Successful students get involved in their studies, accept responsibility for their own education and are active participants in class,” said teacher Kim Haycock. “Audrey Patey stands out among the many hard-working students at Belleview School. She has a unique way of looking on the bright side of every situation and continues to lift the spirits of everyone in our class. She works hard to apply what she already knows to the new ideas that she encounters. Audrey takes the time to really think about what she is learning. Her kind spirit, her honest nature and easy going attitude make her a great role model. Audrey demonstrates in class, at recess, before and after school, what being a successful student is all about.” Audrey is the daughter of Shane and Mayra Patey, of Sonora.

Heidi Fulton, fifth grade, Chinese Camp Science Academy — “Kind hearted and hardworking, Heidi is a model student at Chinese Camp Science Academy,” said teacher Sheri Betz. “If you were to ask any one of her peers, they would say that Heidi is friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. I love how she takes the initiative when she sees a need that can use her assistance. She will often take on other classroom jobs when she sees someone absent or unable to fulfill their duty. Be it raising or lowering the flag, writing and reporting out the morning statistics, or getting out the song sheets for our school sing-along, Heidi is there to make sure things run smoothly. Besides taking being incredibly helpful, Heidi is also determined to learn the curriculum. She works hard overcoming challenges in both reading and math through disciplined focus while also asking for extra help during her breaks and after school. I love how Heidi portrays the traits expected of all Chinese Camp Dragons. I am proud of her efforts.” Heidi is the daughter of Jessica Fulton and Michael Roberts, of Columbia.

Emily Ray, seventh grade, Columbia Elementary — “Emily is one of those students a teacher loves to have in class,” said teacher Becky Cox. “She is always smiling, hard-working, and strives for excellence. She enjoys a challenge and loves to compete in the classroom and in the sports arena. She is active in basketball and volleyball as well as drama. Her desire to excel can be seen in her thoughtful questions which inspire other students to want to advance their own learning. Emily is self-driven and it is this trait that will see her through high school and beyond. I can’t wait to see all she achieves.” Emily is the daughter of Jeremy Johnson, of Sonora.

Anthony Cahoon, first grade, Curtis Creek Elementary — Anthony is an “outstanding student, demonstrates a variety of strengths and characteristics that make him an excellent example to all, positive attitude,” said teacher Jessica Holman. “He always does his best. He’s a good friend and always a good listener.” He is the son of Anthony and Lora Cahoon, of Sonora.

Madelan Adam, 12th grade, Dario Cassina High — Madelan, the daughter of Dereck and Allison Adam, of Cedar Ridge, “has been an excellent student while attending Cassina High School,” wrote school staff. “She is courteous, respectful, and motivated. She works with determination and is continuous about her work. Outside of the classroom, she is always friendly, sweet, and kind to others. She will be moving to Antioch in November where she plans to attend Las Positas Junior College and go into the medical field of psychology. Cassina High School staff is very proud of Maddie and her accomplishments. We know she will do well in life.”

Valeria Sandoval, 12th grade, Don Pedro High — Valeria, “is a conscientious, intelligent student who always puts forth her best work,” said Principal Rob Egger. “In all of her classes, she is successful because she always strives for excellence. During class discussions and projects, she always contributes with insightful questions and comments. She is a thoughtful person who takes time to listen to and help others. She is the chapter president of Don Pedro’s Future Farmers of America where she demonstrates great leadership ability. Next year, she plans to continue her passion for raising animals and the outdoors by studying veterinary science at Modesto Junior College.” Valeria is the daughter of Isabel Castro and Jose Sandoval.

Heaven Murphy, third grade, Foothill Leadership Academy — Heaven, the granddaughter of John and Virginia Crabtree, of Sonora, “has shown true leadership in our classroom community,” said teacher Diane Noya. She is a role model student who excels both academically and in her daily interactions with her peers. She is a kindhearted thoughtful student who is always willing to help others.”

Lance Foley, eighth grade, Gold Rush Charter — “Throughout his time at Gold Rush, Lance has consistently modeled what having true integrity means,” said teachers James Glazier and Amanda McLeod. “He is always willing to do what is right, regardless of how it might affect him. Lance is an all-around good student and a delight to have on campus.” Lance is the son of Jonathan and Shelly Foley, of Mi-Wuk Village.

Owen Gillette, third grade, Hickman Charter — Owen, the son of Alden and Rebecca Gillette, of Sonora, “works diligently on all his studies and takes great pride in doing more work than is even required of him,” said school staff. “One of his favorite subjects and a subject he excels in is math. He is currently diving into algebra which is well above grade level. Likewise, he loves reading and completes many books each month with most of them also above grade level. He participates in the onsite classes offered at Hickman and recently enjoyed building and programming a Lego Wedo robot. He is very athletic and enjoys all outside activities with his peers. He is involved in Readers Theater, participates in jujitsu.classes several days a week and is currently an advanced purple belt and has also taken piano lessons for several years.

Kristopher Webb, third grade, Jamestown Nexus (Tuolumne County Schools Office) — Kristopher, the son of Gary and Theresa Blackwood, of Sonora, has “behavior and academic achievement in all subjects,” said teacher Shea Morgan. “Kristopher has continued to exhibit great behaviors in and out of the classroom. He also has improved in all academic areas, and continues to put in great efforts to finish his assigned work.”

Hunter Arnold, third grade, Lake Don Pedro Elementary — Hunter, the daughter of Amy and Joseph Staples, of La Grange, “works very hard in school,” said teacher Steven McDonald. “She is a great reader, she writes wonderful papers, and she strives to do well in math. She is serious about her learning and always does her best. Hunter is active during PE, and works hard at learning new skills. She is polite and obedient too.”

Macy Bautista, fourth grade, Mother Lode Christian — “Macy is a very good student who wants to do her best,” said teacher Laura Baker. “She likes to participate in class discussions, and is a very willing helper. What I appreciate most is her caring actions toward new students. In her own words, “He just needed a friend”, as she spent time just sitting and conversing with a classmate. She was thinking of others first, and I respect her for that. She is a blessing!” Macy is the daughter of Salvatore and Nicole Bautista, of Sonora.

Sy Sundahl, seventh grade, Mountain Oaks Charter — Sy, the son of Jenny and Mark Sundahl, of Sonora, “is an enthusiastic, hard-working student who actively participates in group discussions during the various workshops he attends at our school site,” said teacher Jill Vienop. “He is active in many diverse learning environments. For example, Sy is involved in humanitarian efforts in third-world countries where he helps to build homes and bring water to villages in need. He is also involved in a community club. He is learning survival skills in the wilderness, as well as being taught interpersonal skills and cultural awareness. As part of his learning at home, he is actively involved in building engines with his dad, helping mom cook meals, hanging out with his 2 siblings, and spending time with his extended family. These are only a few of Sy’s amazing qualities. Good Job Sy!”

Alexis Herfurth, eighth grade, Sonora Elementary — Alexis, “has been a student at Sonora Elementary School since kindergarten,” wrote school staff. “Through that time, she shared that her favorite memory of her time here was the sixth-grade overnight science camp in Pinecrest. She has represented our school in basketball, volleyball and track. In the community, she has played club volleyball and softball. In her free time she likes to play sports and have fun with friends. One unique thing about Alexis is she has traveled to Australia three separate times. Next year Alexis will be attending Sonora High School, where she will excel academically and plans on participating in volleyball and softball. Alexis also plans to pursue an education in engineering. Her teachers describe her as having a great work ethic, kind, having a positive attitude, and being an exemplary student and human being.”

Thomasine Lane, 12th grade, Sonora High — Thomasine, the daughter of Amy Lane, of Sonora, “is an exceptional young lady,” said school staff. “She is extremely dedicated to her academic endeavors and has received numerous awards and recognition for academic excellence. Tomi has earned an impressive 4.23 grade point average and is ranked 5th in the senior class. In addition to enrolling in some of the most rigorous courses at Sonora High School, Tomi is also enrolled in our Middle College program and is concurrently taking classes at Columbia College. She manages this academic rigor while also maintaining a part-time job outside of school.” “Tomi is one of the most genuine and kind students at our school,” said Middle College Coordinator Courtney Castle. “She is virtuous and is a great role model for our student body.”

Naomi Reel, seventh grade, Soulsbyville Elementary — “Soulsbyville’s character trait focus this month was trustworthiness,” said teacher Hillary Durling. “Naomi Reel is a very trustworthy student. She consistently makes the right choices in school work, class behavior and peer interactions. Naomi is friendly and helpful, often asking what she can do for me to help our class. I can trust that she will be doing the right thing even if students around her may be off-task or talking. She gets good grades and is a pleasure to have in class.” Naomi is the daughter of Mike and Dana Reel, of Sonora.

Robert Burciaga, eighth grade, Summerville Elementary — Robert’s “hard work shows with a GPA of 3.85,” said school staff. “Robert is a leader on campus, in the classroom and on the basketball court. He is well- liked by his peers. When a job needs to get done, and done correctly, either Robert volunteers or he is asked to help out. He always helps when needed and he does it with a smile. Another great characteristic of Robert is his smile. He makes others feel welcome and brightens their day. Summerville Elementary is proud to announce Robert Burciaga as our Student of the Month.” Robert is the son of Valerie Day-Burciaga and Robert Burciaga Sr.

Lily Tucker, second grade, Tenaya Elementary — Lily, the daughter of Jody and John Tucker, of Groveland, “is a quiet leader in our class,” said teacher Jason Coultrap. “She listens well and is always willing to help out. Lily has great penmanship. When her classwork is finished, she helps other students in class.”

Sam Prather, 12th grade, Theodore Bird High School — “Sam is an outstanding choice for Student of the Month,” said teacher Jeff Hansten. “He works hard in his courses and always does a great job. Sam is not only doing excellent work in his high school courses, he is also enrolled at Columbia College. After high school he plans to continue his education at Columbia College. After that, Sam will transfer to a university and major in the mathematics. He is a great guy and a fun person to know. It really is a privilege to be Sam’s teacher.” Sam is the son of Denise Homer, of Sonora.

Ben Rishel, seventh grade, Twain Harte Elementary — “Ben brings exemplary character to our school,” said teacher Mike Brown. “His gentle and kind personality stands out as one of his biggest qualities, but he is also a hard worker, a willing helper, and a humble human being. All of his teachers agree that Ben is creative and has a likable sense of humor. Ben demonstrates strong citizenship traits such as being a team player, getting along with everyone in class, and following directions carefully. Ben has a big heart, and it’s for this reason that he has been recognized as Student of the Month. Way to go, Ben!” Ben is the son of Jeff Rishel and Melissa Rishel, of Twain Harte.