The start of league play. On the road at 4-1 Argonaut.

Summerville with a sophomore quarterback in Jaden Brocchini. His first MLL start.

The Bears took a quick three and out on the first series.

The Summerville defense returned the favor. And Brocchini got his second look of the night.

And then some momentum, thanks to sophomore Joshua Caldera who picked up a speedy first down on the first snap.

Christopher St. John picked up seven to make a third down manageable. On the next play the Mustangs grabbed a facemask, handing the Bears a fresh set of downs.

Michael Litzler snagged a first down, worth 16 yards.

Five minutes to go in the first quarter and the Bears were facing another fourth down and six.

Turnover on downs.

Markus Warnock gobbled up a dropped ball on the Mustangs’ first play out of the huddle to give Summerville their third possession of the game.

Another fourth and short for the Bears. They went for it. Another turnover on downs with about two minutes to go in the first.

As the first quarter ended, neither team had been able to find any sort of rhythm.

Seconds into the second quarter, the Mustangs scored on a lengthy rushing play, giving them the 7-0 lead.

The Bears’ next series sputtered out and the Mustangs took over with about seven minutes to go in the half.

Those minutes would prove to be a slog for Summerville as Argonaut moved down the field and wearing down the Bears’ defense.

Summerville managed a stop and got possession with less than two minutes to go in the half.

But there would be no scoring as time expired and the Mustangs took a 7-0 lead into halftime.

The Mustangs picked up where they left off, pounding away on the ground as the second half got underway.

It took about two minutes for Argonaut to find the endzone again, giving them the 14-0 lead.

Summerville found some momentum on their next drive, picking up a first down on a well-executed series.

Minutes later, the Mustangs stopped their drive and forced the punt. The Bears would get the ball back, but the Mustangs intercepted for a pick six with less than three minutes to go in the third, taking a 21-0 lead.

The Bears would start their next series on the 10 yard line, facing another long field and a shortening clock.

They turned it over again and the Mustangs drove the field for another touchdown and a 28-0 lead late in the fourth.

The Bears found some life on their next possession, scampering into Mustangs territory to set up their closest chance at a score of the night.

A dropped snap pushed them back nine yards with less than three to go.

Pass to the endzone. Incomplete. Fourth and six. Turnover on downs. Game over.

The Bears are now 2-4 overall and 0-1 in league play.

Friday they’ll host cross river rival Calaveras (3-3), 1-0). The game starts at 7 p.m.