To the Editor:

Since when is a Guest Column used as a platform to undermine the integrity of an opposing candidate? Though we strongly disagree on some very important issues, I have respected Mr. Royce as a person, District 3 Supervisor, and contractor. However, I am disappointed that as current District 3 supervisor, he submitted a Guest Column that questions the integrity of a candidate running against the candidate whom he has endorsed. It surprises me that a column with such favoritism for political advantage was even permitted. This is not what Tuolumne County stands for.

Was Anaiah Kirk contacted before the column went to press and offered an opportunity for rebuttal? No. If a rebuttal occurs, it will be because of the outcry from District 3 constituents.

Mr. Royce, like other District 3 constituents, has the right to submit a 300-word Letter to the Editor. Instead, he was freely given an over 500-word guest column to blast a qualified candidate. Unfair! If his motive was true concern for Anaiah overworking himself, a public forum is not how to address it. A phone call would have been more appropriate.

Anaiah Kirk earned my vote several months ago – before Mr. Royce’s candidate even decided to run. When the highly controversial topic of commercial cannabis was before our Board of Supervisors at the Opera Hall, Anaiah boldly spoke against it during public comment time. None of the other candidates did that then. Two of his opponents have expressed opposition now, but where were they then? Where were they when the Board needed to hear from concerned District 3 constituents?

Anaiah knows what he’s doing. He has the full support of his family. He has the best interests of Tuolumne County and its future generations in mind. Many constituents in District 3 support him. And, for all the right reasons, I am one.

TY Atkins

District 3

Cambell will change the status quo

To the Editor:

The Board of Supervisors has seen the economy steadily improving and tax funding to Tuolumne County rebounding for the last eight years, but have made no improvement in county services. In fact, the workforce to repair roads and provide basic services like inspect restaurants is less than it was eight years ago.

Every budget threatens to close libraries and public pools. In the meantime, the current Board of Supervisors approved an elaborate and expensive to operate Juvenile Hall that houses 6-10 kids with 20 empty beds. Their judgment to construct an even more expensive jail should be questioned.

Ryan Campbell provides a choice to change the status quo. He will research and consider commitments of our tax money carefully. He is grounded by being a working man from the working class, with children to remind him to consider the future consequences of his actions. He understands the value of well maintained infrastructure like roads, and that the hazard of wildfire is always present in our environment and requires careful planning and vigilance.

You can trust he will make sure that proposals brought before him are not just rubber-stamped, but scrutinized to make sure the taxpayers are getting the best deal available. If you live in the 2nd District, which includes the Phoenix Lake Basin, Cedar Ridge, Crystal Falls and Willow Springs, join me in voting for Ryan Campbell for supervisor.

Larry Beil


Supervisor with a backbone

To the Editor:

David Titchenal is the right choice for District 2 Supervisor. I have known David for many years. His experience with business, research and development, government, Department of Energy and Department of Defense includes diverse cultural environments.

He is uniquely qualified to represent his district having managed budgets and made the hard choices to control spending when required. David is a creative thinker and a problem solver with many technical skills yet seeks input from others when making decisions and is respectful of viewpoints.

David Titchenal is a man of integrity, honesty, tireless dedication and strong work ethic. He is a family man and a foster parent whose moral compass is his guiding light. I urge the District 2 community to vote for David Titchenal, a Supervisor with a backbone.

John Cellucci


Support for two true public servants

To the Editor:

In 1978 I met Colette Such. Those early friendship years taught me that she was a woman of strong ethical principles – a good trait in a friend, and a critical trait in a civic leader. Now my pal of 40 years is running for Sonora City Council. When she told me, I wanted to clap and cheer. Colette Such is just the person that we need in city government.

These words come to mind when I think of Colette: integrity, honesty, attentive, smart, respectful, willingness to listen, discerning, innovative, problem-solver, wise, fiscally conservative, compassionate, hard working, impeccable, detail oriented. Pretty good list? You bet.

Colette has lived in downtown Sonora since… forever. Currently she serves on Sonora’s Homeless Task Force, striving to address this key issue for our community. She loves this town, and she knows Sonora like few others. She cares deeply about how Sonora can preserve its heritage and prepare for a bright future with harmony, efficiency, and beauty. She’s committed to finding ways to help Sonora enhance opportunities for young people by finding ways to open sustainable new economic interests.

I was a “townie” for many years. I still own a home in town. Just like my dear friend, I love our little piece of the Mother Lode. I wish I lived in town right now. You know how I’d vote. Believe me, her signs sum it up: “Colette is SUCH a good choice for Sonora City Council.”

By the way, I’d also be casting my vote for Jim Garaventa. That guy is another life-long Sonoran with much smart love for our little town. Since I don’t get a chance to vote, please do this for both of us: Vote Such and Garaventa for City Council on June 5.

Hoping for a good turnout.

BZ Smith