Marriages recorded March 12 through March 16 (wedding date given);

March 10 — John Edward Roemer III and Kayleigh Elizabeth Johnston

March 15 — Lynn Leroy Lloyd and Jessica Anne Morris

March 16 — Sergio Corona and Lisa Larraine Brockhouse

March 16 — Jose Manuel Cuevas and Antonette Rosette Loera

March 16 — Jamal Flanagan and Angie Latoya Gray

March 16 — Mark Anthony Gardia and Anna-Lisa Michelle Hanna

March 16 — George Alberto Mercado and Katrina Ann Sandoval

MArch 16 — Jonathan Miranda and Jeanna Marie McNeiece

March 16 — Gerardo Godoy Moran and Brandy Lee Hicks

March 16 — Al Laveal Simmons and Shakeisha Lareese Lavender

Births recorded March 12 through March 16 (mother’s maiden name given in most entries):

Feb. 23 — A boy, Carmelo Nasir Paige, to Nolan Christopher Paige and Julia Ann Marie Johnson

Feb. 23 — A girl, Magnolia Everly West, to Ryan Anthony West and Courtney Ann Souza

Feb. 27 — A girl, Beverly Rose Ramos, to Julio Cesar Ramos and Ashley Lillian Hills

March 1 — A boy, Lukas John Matson, to Cody John Matison and Desirae Dawn Silvas

March 4 — A boy, Weston Hank Dahlin, to Kyle Duaine Dahlin and Gabrielle Jane Nicole Kagay

March 5 — A boy, David WIlliam Hilarides, to Michael John Ag Hilarides and Amanda Lynn Martinelli

March 5 — A boy, Rowan Wayne Ichord, to Robert Wayne Ichord and Laura Michelle Kakehashi

March 7 — A girl, Lanae Rayha Dillard-James, to Clayton Nicholas Dillard-James and Erika Lanae Argo

March 8 — A girl, Dakota Raelynn Browning, to Joshua Lyle Browning and Carrissa Lynn Schlaht

March 8 — A girl, Loyema Joy Patch, to David Robert Patch and Heather Louise Palmer

March 8 — A boy, Matthew Richard Solima, to Richard Solima and Ana Rebecca Nunez

March 10 — A girl, Isabella Diaz, to Miguel Angel Diaz and Ana Maria Herrera

March 11 — A boy, Xander Grey Becker, to Kyle Danon Becker and Ayla Mae Matthews

Deaths recorded March 12 through March 16:

March 1 — Carinn Diane Castner

March 4 — John Albert Gookin

March 4 — Mark Louis Lamb Sr.

March 6 — Frederick Rich Beerman Jr.

MArch 6 — Annie Bong Hee Perry

March 7 — Thomas Anthony Bills

March 8 — Roy Ellis Bybee

March 10 — Hanry GEne Sanders

March 11 — Thelma Louise Dutra

March 11 — James Neil Warner

March 12 — Robert Kirk Howard

March 12 — Warren Patrick Lynch

March 13 — Lynham Wallace Jones