Long Barn started as an early logging camp and got its name from the long row of stables where the teamsters would rest and feed their animals before going over the pass.

The original Long Barn was constructed in the 1860s to furnish shelter for traders, then service the same for cattlemen.

The Long Barn Inn was built in 1918 by rancher Warren Beal for people traveling the Sonora Mono Road, a place they could stop for food and lodging. Before Dodge Ridge, this is where people came to play in the snow.

The Sonora Mono Road Sonora Pass was completed in 1864 after being surveyed in 1860. A section of it had been developed by Tuolumne County Water Company in 1852, and this part was also part of the “Ice Trail” used by ice companies such as Ed and Edwin Jasper’s to bring ice into Sonora, Jamestown and Columbia. In 1901, the road became one of the first 10 state highways, although not completely paved until the late 1940s.

The Long Barn structure burned on July 19, 2001.

— Sherrin Grout, Tuolumne County Historical Society volunteer