Ideas versus ideals

To the Editor:

Many letter writers espouse “gun control,” but in reality it is people in control that they are really after, as those in power will always be armed. Citing no need for automatic rifles to hunt shows they purposely mislead and ignore history. The founders of this nation, after pledging “their fame, fortunes, and their lives” fought a tyrant’s huge army for an ideal, and wrote the law for our new nation while their weapons were still smoking.

Our modern history lists worse tyrants; the Communists of Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba, Khmer Rouge, North Korea, and Hitler, are responsible for well over 100 million deaths after they disarmed their citizens. We witnessed it in Vietnam and today in the Middle East and African nations; the organized armed terrorize the poorly armed and unarmed villages.

We have seen the same within our own country, 60 million babies killed in the womb since 1973 as they also could not defend themselves.

But all you gun controllers will not prevail because you are again not mindful of history. Unlike all other nations, America was forged by a people with a vision of an ideal of freedom and in its infancy as Isaiah 18:2 states “… a people terrible from their beginning…” fought to establish freedom for each individual; it’s in our blood, just as the Irish have a 1,000 year war in their blood, and won. Unlike America, all other nations have long histories of subjugation.

Remember the power of just one in Tiananmen Square stopping a line of tanks? Remember in Washington, D.C., there was a “Million Man March,” and every year crowds of more than a quarter million citizens March for Life (anti-abortion) and Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day to honor the fallen. Gun control is an agenda, but an ideal is worth fighting and dying for.

Frank Wilson