The Sonora Police Department is investigating a theft from a freestanding United States Post Office drop box that is believed to have occurred over the New Year’s holiday.

Acting Chief of Police Turu VanderWiel said the department was contacted by the United States Postal Service on the 700 block of South Washington Street Tuesday morning with a report that mail had been stolen out of the blue drop box in front of the building.

The mail was last emptied at noon Sunday, and the break-in was discovered about midnight Tuesday, he said.

VanderWiel had no additional information about how the drop box had been broken into.

The Post Office was closed Sunday and Monday for the New Year’s holiday.

An unknown amount of mail was taken, and there was mail left in the box, a Sonora Police Department news release said.

VanderWiel said the department has received calls from the public concerned that their items had been stolen from the drop box, but as of Tuesday afternoon, only one person could confirm that something was actually missing, he said.

The Sonora Police Department is encouraging the public to monitor their personal bank accounts or cancel credit cards if they dropped personal identifying information into the drop box and unauthorized transactions occur.

The Sonora Police Department requests that anyone with information about the theft or suspicious activity in the area call (209) 532-8143.