Tuolumne County schools have announced Students of the Month for November:

Ronan Kennedy, sixth grade, Belleview Elementary — “Ronan Kennedy is a ‘True Blue’ Belleview Eagle,” said teacher Nancy Hoyt. “He has been a student at Belleview School since fourth grade. He is a super student who shines in each and every subject. Ronan is enthusiastic about school and is always ready to learn. He is a super athlete who excelled on Belleview’s cross country team this year. He has a great sense of humor and is well-liked by his classmates. The other students wholeheartedly welcome Ronan as a partner on an academic project or as a team member. In class, he continues to be insightful and an active participant.” Ronan is the son of Douglas and Tracie Kennedy, of Sonora.

Adam Johnson, eighth grade, Connections Visual and Performing Arts Academy — “Adam has been a fantastic student for Connections,” said teacher Jeff Johnson. “He has a strong work ethic and is earning A’s in all of his classes. His teachers appreciate his good nature and sense of humor, dedication and willingness to help others. He always has a positive attitude and a smile on his face.” Adam is the son of Jeff and Jenna Johnson, of Sonora.

Haley Brower, 12th grade, Connections Visual and Performing Arts Academy — Haley, the daughter of Ken and Kristy Brower, of Groveland, “is an amazing student,” said school staff. “She has taken on a very demanding course load including three AP courses and student government and is maintaining straight A’s. She always has a positive attitude, bright smile and looks out for the needs of others. She was a leader on the cross country team and is the CSF President. Her teachers and staff appreciate all she has done for this school and are excited to see her excel in college.”

Benjamin Wels, second grade, Curtis Creek Elementary — Benjamin, the son of Bill and Sherri Wels, of Jamestown, “is an inquisitive learner,” said teacher Anne Brosnan. “He has designed and built a water catchment system at school. He has used the water to water plants in the school garden. He has built wells around the fruit trees, pruned, and of course weeded the orchard area. He has extraordinary ideas for explaining phenomenon is Science. Ben is an exemplary young student who knows how to work hard and have fun. He is exciting to have as a student. He is a kind friend to all students.”

Kai Ayers, 11th grade, Don Pedro High — Kai, the son of Michelle and Andy Coppock, of Don Pedro, “is an incredibly hard worker and is very motivated,” said his teachers. “Kai has already completed several college classes while in high school and maintains an incredible 3.8 GPA with both high school and college classes combined. It is a pure pleasure knowing that Kai is part of our school. He is genuinely sincere and goes out of his way to help others. Kai has a quiet disposition, but don’t let that fool you; he is extremely motivated and driven. Kai wants to go into the criminal justice field upon graduating, and is planning on finishing all the criminal justice classes possible, online through Modesto Junior College, during his high school career. Kai’s opportunities are unlimited and we are looking forward to seeing him succeed in any career he puts his mind to. We are all extremely proud of him and all his accomplishments. He is a shining example as he demonstrates genuine sincerity. Kai continues to go above and beyond in all he does for school, family and friends as he utilizes his leadership skills and works diligently to be responsible in any task set before him.”

Hannah Tipton, sixth grade, Foothill Leadership Academy — Hannah, the daughter of Jenny and Jay Tipton, of Sonora, “has a great deal of artistic and academic talent, as well as leadership and interpersonal skills,” said teacher Tami Hildebrand. “She has shown herself to be creative and an all-around excellent student, as well as establishing herself as a formidable competitor in athletics. Hannah truly embodies the leadership paradigm we strive to teach at FLA.”

Madeleine Flinn, 11th grade, Gold Rush Charter — Madeleine, the daughter of Nicole Bass, of Twain Harte, “has made great strides in her educational journey here at Gold Rush Charter School,” said teacher Dan Webster. “This is her junior year, and she has had great attendance, demonstrated great communication skills, and has been a consistent straight-A student. Madeleine also has a job and is still able to keep her focus on her education.”

Falynn Truelock, fourth grade, Hickman Charter — “Since coming to Hickman, (Falynn) has worked diligently to excel in reading,” wrote school staff. Her teacher said her greatest strengths are perseverance and a friendly personality. “Falynn never gives up and is willing to continue working to understand a challenging problem,” her teacher said. Falynn is a friend to all students, staff said. She enjoys helping other students whether in class or on the playground. Falynn is dependable and helpful to her classmates and teachers. Falynn enjoys reading, riding horses, playing with her sister, Hadley, and art. Falynn is the daughter of Kylee and Travis Truelock.

Katelyn Gutierrez, sixth grade, Lake Don Pedro Elementary — “Katelyn is a kind classmate,” said teacher Francesca Keane. “She works hard and is conscientious. She enjoys sewing and making clothing. She’s great to have in class and is a nice young lady.” Katelyn is the daughter of Maura and Desiree Laffranchi, of Greeley Hill.

Trent Evans, third grade, Mother Lode Christian — “Trent has worked hard this year to master new and challenging concepts,” said teacher Chara Shopp. “He does the work he’s asked cheerfully and diligently. His laughter and joy are contagious in the classroom and his good attitude makes teaching him a great experience. I am confident Trent can succeed at everything he puts his mind to.” Trent is the son of James and Michelle Evans, of Sonora.

Eva Estes, eighth grade, Mountain Oaks — ”Eva is a reliable, hardworking and creative individual,” said teacher Jennifer Lloyd. “She enjoys theatre and acting. If she is able to perform a scene or develop a script, it will be done with flair and enthusiasm. In math, Eva has made great strides. Eva is also able to delve into social studies and share insightful perspectives about people and places that others, with a less attentive personality, might miss. Eva stretches herself with higher-level vocabulary words and seeks to use them in dialogue and with her acting. Eva also enjoys agriculture and working with her animals.” Eva is the daughter of Tracey and Shawn Estes, of Sonora.

Ezekiel Miller, eighth grade, Sonora Elementary — “Ezekiel has been a student at Sonora Elementary since kindergarten,” wrote school staff. “He has maintained a 4.0 grade point average and has represented us in the county in basketball, cross country, and participated in track in sixthgrade. His favorite subject in school is math. In his free time, he likes to build things and participate in engineering activities. He plans on attending Columbia College and moving on to Cal Poly. His teachers describe him as a kind person, a leader and a role model, dependable, responsible, of high character, and having a great work ethic.” Ezekiel is the son of Brian and Kirsten Miller, of Sonora.

Weston Goularte, 12th grade, Sonora High — Weston, the son of Jeff and Shelly Goularte, of Sonora, “is a kind, creative, motivated, and hard-working student,” said counselor Stacy Kroeze. “He has been actively involved in our leadership program for the past four years, working hard to raise money, plan school activities and build homecoming floats. Weston is extremely reliable and responsible in all that he undertakes. Further, Weston is motivated and intelligent He has succeeded in the most rigorous coursework that Sonora High has to offer and has successfully completed several college courses. Weston is ranked No. 2 in his graduating class and has earned an impressive 4.34 GPA. In addition to being an exemplary student, Weston is also a student who believes in service and who generously gives back to the community. He often volunteers in various capacities for the betterment of our school and community. In closing, Weston Goularte stands out on the Sonora High campus. Sonora High is proud of him and of all of his accomplishments and has no doubt that he will find great success in all of his future endeavors.”

John Sweitzer, fourth grade, Soulsbyville Elementary — “As a teacher I appreciate John’s honesty and hard work,” said Jessica Brouns. “He looks for solutions to problems for himself and his classmates. He is fair and kind to others. John is an engaged student and strives to understand what is being taught on a higher level. He is a strong role model for his peers.” John is the son of Stephen and Rachel Sweitzer, of Sonora.

Lillie Smith, eighth grade, Summerville Elementary — “As our ASB secretary, Nicole is called upon to keep accurate and detailed notes of all organized meetings,” wrote school staff. “She not only is meticulous with her notes for ASB, but also is the same in the classroom. Carrying a 4.0 GPA with a 96 percent average in all her classes, Lillie is dedicated to her studies.” Lillie is the daughter of Jason and Nicole Smith, of Tuolumne.

Carson Caya, 12th grade, Summerville High — “Carson is an all-around fantastic student,” said Kellene Ditler, grade level coordinator. “He has an excellent work ethic. He is involved in the leadership program and is a two-sport athlete. Most importantly, Carson is an incredibly kind and considerate young man. He is friendly and respectful to staff members, and he serves as an excellent role model for younger students. Carson has a strong sense of right and wrong and always steps up to support and help students who are struggling.” Carson is the son of David Caya and Dody Hamilton, of Twain Harte.

Josh Skelley, 12th grade, Tioga High — Josh has performed at the top of his game in academics and athletics while a member of the TWolf family here at Tioga,” said Principal Ryan Dutton. “Josh is currently playing on the basketball team, and was a vital member of a successful squad last season. We look forward to his leadership this year on the hardwood! Josh has always made his studies a priority here at Tioga, and it shows in his GPA and class selection. Josh recently was one of three students to earn a 4.0 GPA for the first quarter of the school year. Besides being a big part of the basketball team, Josh has participated and enjoyed success in baseball and golf. His competitive nature has also brought him success as a member of the Tioga High Academic Decathlon Team. Josh is also taking part in our Work Experience program this year, working at Miller Brothers Auto Shop every other morning during the school year. Josh is well liked by his peers and teachers, always lending a helping hand and having a positive attitude at school. He cares for others and is respectful of his teachers. One thing we notice about Josh and his attitude of being kind is that he is liked by all and fits in with many different groups within the school community.” Josh is the son of Jess and Tari Skelley, of Groveland.

Audrey Love, 12th grade, Tuolumne County Office of Education — Audrey, the daughter of Shawna Brisco and Isaac Curran, of Soulsbyville,”is delightful and always comes to school with a positive attitude,” said teacher Bonnie Cozad. “She is a conscientious worker and she is kind to everyone.”

Gabriella West, sixth grade, Twain Harte Elementary — “If a person were to look at Gabrielle West’s report card, he or she might think it’s clear why she was chosen as Twain Harte School’s Student of the Month,” said teachers Sherry Siewert and Molly Rose. “However, though her report card is impressive with straight A+’s in every subject, it doesn’t really explain why Ella is being recognized this month. Rather, Ella has been chosen because of the fine person that she is and the hard work that she does every single day. Ella is liked and respected by her classmates and her teachers because she gives her all to everything that she does. Aside from her classes, she also participates in the school band, is an avid reader, is her class’ student council representative, and is active in school athletics. We are so proud to have Gabrielle West as a student and role model at Twain Harte School.” Gabriella is the daughter of Justin and Summer West, of Twain Harte.