Tuolumne County schools have announced Students of the Month for September:

Samantha Lares, eighth grade, Belleview Elementary — “Samantha is a kind and respectful person with a welcoming personality,” said teacher Mary Lindsley. “She greets adults and peers alike with a smile and a pleasant, ‘Good morning,’ every day. In addition, she is an excellent student who works hard to achieve in all her academic subjects. She often pushes herself to take risks and try new activities, whether that means working out the answer to a difficult math problem or trying her best at a new sport. Her dedication to her education and her positive outlook on life serve as examples for others to follow.” Samantha is the daughter of Paula Guerrero, of Sonora.

Lexi Tague, fourth grade, Chinese Camp Science Academy — “I have had the pleasure of being Lexi’s teacher for the past two years, and during this time have gotten to know her very well,” said teacher Linda Cazares. “Her ability to focus and her stamina make her stand out among others in her age group, not only in the academic arena, but also in the athletic arena where she trains and participates in after-school sports. Lexi always goes above and beyond whatever is asked of her. She writes great stories, reads challenging books, and pushes through difficult math problems. I admire Lexi’s determined and self disciplined nature. She has a bright future and will definitely reach whatever goals she sets for herself.” Lexi is the daughter of James and Lindsay Tague, of Jamestown.

Samuel Parker, eighth grade, Columbia Elementary — “Samuel is a very dedicated student that always comes school ready to learn with a smile on his face,” said teacher Suzanne Mohr. “He is respectful to others, exhibits honesty and trustworthiness. Samuel is a pleasure to have in class.” Samuel is the son of Peter and Liana Parker, of Sonora.

Mattison Knobloch, eighth grade, Connections Visual and Performing Arts Academy — Mattison, the daughter of William and Melissa Knobloch, of Sonora, “is a hard-working student who has been committed to improving her skills on her flute,” said teacher Jeff Johnson. “She is kind and polite and looks out for her fellow classmates. She is currently working to develop her skills on piccolo as well. In class she is focused and determined and is always concerned with being better today than she was yesterday. In the past, she has participated in the Tuolumne County Honor Music Festival. This year, she is already planning on being the first chair for the music festival. She is currently earning straight A’s in all of her classes.”

Connor McGee, 12th grade, Connections Visual and Performing Arts Academy — Connor, the son of Jim and Suzanne McGee, of Soulsbyville, “has been an amazing student for six years in the Connections program,” wrote school staff. “He is currently maintaining a 4.14 GPA while taking a heavy course load in addition to a course at Columbia Community College. He is a member of our Jazz Band, Jazz@8, Academic Decathlon team, and involved in student government. Additionally, he has started a math tutoring club at a local elementary school and is also helping tutor students at Summerville High. Connor is well-respected by his peers and the school staff and is always ready to lend a helping hand. This school would not be the same without Connor and his passion for helping others and we are grateful for all he has done for our school.”

Bella Main, kindergarten, Curtis Creek Elementary — Bella, the daughter of Kenneth and Lisa Main, of Sonora, “is an amazing young lady,” said teacher Sherri Wels. “She participates in class discussions, sits quietly during instruction, and always does her best work. She is kind, polite, and considerate of her peers. Bella is always willing to help in the classroom. She is an excellent role model for her peers, which makes her perfect for his honor.”

Zoey Garcia, 12th grade, Dario Cassina High — “Zoey has been a student at Cassina High School for the past year, during which time she has worked hard to achieve graduating on Sept. 29,” said her teachers. “Zoey excels in the classroom and is focused on moving forward with her life. She works with a purpose and gets her work done. Outside of the classroom, she is always smiling, positive, sweet, and kind to others. She will be moving to Florida in November where she plans on attending a junior college to pursue a career in the nursing field, possibly a registered nurse.” Zoey is the daughter of Garia and Cindy Garcia, of Sonora.

Morgan Humphrey, 12th grade, Don Pedro High — Morgan, the daughter of Shelby Humphrey, of Don Pedro, “continually exudes kindness and respectfulness to all she comes into contact,” said teacher Penny Shuey. “She is genuinely concerned with others in class and goes out of her way to help those in need. She is a shining example as she demonstrates genuine sincerity and continually sets examples for all students with her tremendous work ethics, both in and out of the classroom. Morgan is currently on the volleyball team along with the main choreographer and leader for the school dance club all while maintaining excellent grades. After graduating Morgan plans on attending Columbia College to receive her AA degree and then continue at a four-year college to become a social worker; her life’s passion. Morgan’s potential is unlimited and we are all looking forward to seeing her succeed in the future.”

Autumn Jachetta, sixth grade, Foothill Leadership Academy — “Autumn has been recognized for her great leadership,” said teacher Sunny Fox. “She comes to school and puts her work first and has proven hard work pays off. Her success in her academics has boosted her confidence in all areas as a student. She also brings a unique creativity to everything she does, which really lets her personality shine through. Autumn has found her voice and is now helping others find theirs as well.” Autumn is the daughter of Casie Schornick and Josh Esposito, of Sonora.

Jeremiah Reel, 10th grade, Gold Rush Charter — “Jeremiah has grown tremendously and exceeded all expectations of his teachers,” said teacher Robert Powell. “He has a positive attitude toward his studies and has taken major academic strides.” Jeremiah is the son of Mike and Dana Reel, of Sonora.

Alec Erhardt, third grade, Hickman Charter — Alec, the son of Eric and Emily Erhardt, of Columbia, “is extremely bright and has a real love for learning,” said his teachers. “He is always eager to participate in class, help other students, learn new material, and also loves completing any challenging task you give him. He is always eager to go the extra mile, and he is one of those students who loves all aspects of learning. He is very helpful with students who may not understand or just need some extra help. He really deserves this honor.”

Emery Rice, kindergarten, Jamestown Elementary — “Emery works very hard in class,” said teacher Holly Hutchings. “ (He is) a joyous presence in class and on our campus; a good school citizen and friend to classmates who sees the best in other people. Such kindness is an inspiration to us all.” Emery is the son of Tamara Logan and Jordan Rice, of Jamestown.

Scarlett Kirk, first grade, Mother Lode Christian — Scarlett,” the daughter of Mel and Bonnie Kirk, of Mi-Wuk Village, “is a great student; always setting a good example to the classmates around her,” said teacher Amber Karpus. She is very attentive and obedient student. Scarlett is always eager to learn something new in class. She is well liked by all of her friends. I enjoy having Scarlett in my class.”

Ian Cloyd, 12th grade, Mountain Oaks — “Ian is a remarkable human being, in addition to being an excellent academic student,” said teacher Andrew Oneto. “Some students need to learn on their own and in their own way, and Ian is one such student. He makes me think often of how great intellects from the ages, like Einstein and da Vinci, must have approached learning in their day. Not interested in conforming to group type learning, Ian follows his interests with zeal and tremendous focus. He is a bonsai and herb gardener and has a passion for studying world religion, philosophy, botany, and literature. He also has command of three foreign languages, loves to write and play soccer. In addition to these interests, Ian is a compassionate listener, leader and citizen of his school community. His warm, gregarious nature make people of all ages want to be doing what he is doing, or just to be around him to experience his love of life. He is a friend to all and a conscientious and responsible young person.”

Mason Dambacher, 12th grade, Sonora High — Mason, the son of Laurel and Mike Dambacher, of Sonora, “stands out on the Sonora High campus,” said counselor Stacy Kroeze. “He is a hard-working student athlete who leads naturally and by example, both in the classroom and on the athletic field. Mason is a two-sport athlete who has competed for four years on our football and baseball teams. Further, Mason is a respectful and kind young man. He is quick to help others and always projects a positive attitude. Sonora High is proud to call Mason a Wildcat!”

Rylee Alberto, fifth grade, Soulsbyville Elementary — Rylee, the daughter of Kevin and Jackie Alberto, of Sonora, “has been nominated because of her high level of responsibility,” said teacher Becky Memmer. “Teachers and peers alike recognize that she takes initiative with her classwork, materials, at-home responsibilities, and following directions. She takes pride in her work, always tries her best, and is a leader among her peers.”

Asiah Carson, eighth grade, Summerville Elementary — Asiah, the daughter of Trevor and Mary Daniels, of Soulsbyville, “is extremely respectful and manages her time and work with excellence,” said her teachers. “She is a ‘go to’ student who is always there to lend a helping hand. Excelling in science and social studies, Asiah maintains a 4.0 GPA, as she is conscientious about her schoolwork. She does outstanding work in her ELA classes and is a consistent model of integrity. Along with her academics, she is a standout in her PE class. Asiah is liked by her peers and respected by her teachers.”

Braxton Molica, first grade, Tenaya Elementary — Braxton, the son of Mark and Silvia Molica, of Groveland, “is friendly and respectful to others,” said teacher Katherine Vargas. “He tries his best every day and is a great role model for his peers. Braxton is always ready to help and is a joy to have in class. I am very proud to have Braxton as our Student of the Month.”

Savannah Hinman, 12th grade, Theodore Bird High — Savannah, the daughter of James Hinman and Jocelyn Norwood, of Jamestown, “ is a great student who does excellent work in every class,” said teacher Jeff Hansten. “Because of her hard work, she will graduate high school ahead of schedule. Savannah will continue her college path after she graduates. She is considering a career in the medical field, possibly becoming a paramedic. Savannah is a fun and impressive person, and I am certain she has a very bright future.”

Summer Avery, 12th grade, Tioga High — “Summer has been a model student athlete during her time at Tioga,” said Principal Ryan Dutton. “She is involved in just about everything we offer at Tioga, and she does it with pride and great effort. She has taken part in Student Council, S-Club, Interact, serves as the Yearbook Student Advisor, and takes part in all fundraisers and community service that Tioga High offers. Summer also is enrolled in our Work Experience program, where she gets business experience working at the local Mountain Sage Coffee Shop in the morning. Someday, Summer would love to own a business of her own, and this is giving her valuable experience in that arena as well as a paycheck. She is dedicated to her studies and her sports. Summer has a good chance at earning her spot as the valedictorian of this year’s graduating class and is currently playing on the varsity volleyball team. Summer has also played basketball, track, cross country and softball and was a member of the cheer squad. For her efforts and hard work on the diamond, Summer made the Gold Rush Travel Softball team for Tuolumne County and got the chance to play in many tournaments this past summer, bettering herself in preparation for the upcoming T-Wolves season along with making great memories and new friends.” Summer is the daughter of Robin Avery, of Groveland.

Julian Diaz, third grade, Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools Office — “Julian has come into my classroom this year for the first time, so it has been a new experience for him,” said teacher Lindy Middleton. “He is adjusting very nicely. He is eating his lunch in the cafeteria, spending the required amount of time at each work station throughout the day, working cooperatively with a small group of students for art and craft activities, and requesting items from the snack tray when it is snack time. He is also spending most of the required time at Morning Opening. There are many new and exciting things for Julian to experience this year, and I am looking forward to him having a very successful time in third grade.” Julian is the son of Carmen and Jose Diaz, of Jamestown.

Kyle Corgiat, eighth grade, Twain Harte Elementary — Kyle, the son of Jessica Corgiat, of Twain Harte, “is the oldest of three children and recognizes that his actions affect those around him,” said teacher Mary Bickley. “He strives to set a good example for his younger siblings and holds himself to a high standard in and outside the classroom. His teachers credit Kyle’s outstanding work ethic, desire to learn, and his kind heart as just a few of Kyle’s outstanding characteristics. His classmates also recognize his leadership qualities. They recently elected him to serve as president of this year’s eighth-grade class. Kyle has a life goal of playing in the NBA and enjoys playing basketball as a member of the Twain Harte Braves. He also plans to play football at Summerville High next year. We feel confident that Kyle will succeed at whatever he chooses to do because he starts with a goal and develops a plan to achieve his goal.”