One Direction blared from the loudspeakers as the Bret Harte Bullfrogs took the field at Winters High School Friday night.

The ‘Frogs kicked off the start the game and Winters took aim with their run game.

They would use that speed and a strong defensive line to topple Bret Harte 34-6.

“There was just nothing that we tried that was working,” said head coach Casey Kester.

As the first half began, Bret Harte’s defense pounded the Warriors offense for multiple losses on their first series, forcing a punt with 9:38 left in the first quarter.

The ‘Frogs’ series sputtered to a fourth and 15. After a short punt, Winters took over at the 55 yard line with 7:12 to go in the first quarter.

The Warriors ran a tidy mix of pass and run plays before scoring the first touchdown of the night. The point after was no good and the Warriors led 6-0 with 5:30 to go in the first quarter.

Bret Harte was forced to punt on a fourth and six.

What the Warriors may have lacked in bulk they made up for with speed. And with 7 seconds left in the first, Winters’ QB Daniel Carrion ran for another touchdown. He ran in the two-point attempt, too, putting the Warriors up 14-0.

“Some of the passes that he threw were tremendous,” said Kester. “I didn’t expect him to be as fast and shifty as he was.”

Winters muffed their kick off giving Bret Harte favorable field position at the 35 as second quarter action began.

The Bullfrogs were unable to capitalize and punted.

With 9:22 left in the half, QB Daniel Carrion found a wide open Anthony Carrion in the endzone. Bret Harte’s special teams blocked the point after, keeping the score 20-0.

Bret Harte turned the ball over on downs, giving the Warriors about 5:30 of time in the half. They would only need about half of it to score.

With 2:08 to go and a successful point after attempt, the Warriors took a 27-0 lead.

The Frogs started the second half with the ball at the 29 yard line.

Kraft picked up a lengthy gainer on the first series, moving the Frogs into Warrior territory.

Kraft took a third down sack and the Frogs opted to go for it on fourth and 10. The Warriors forced another turnover on downs with 8:10 to play in the third.

Winters QB Carrion picked up where he left off in the first half, powering his way up the middle, dragging defenders into Bullfrog territory.

A pass interference call on the Bullfrogs moved the Warriors to the Frogs’ 20 yard line with under three minutes to play in the third.

The Frogs’ defense was able to contain the run game and forced a turnover on downs with under a minute to go in the third.

The Warriors took control of the clock in the fourth, tacking on another touchdown. With 7:56 to play and a successful point after attempt, the Warriors led 34-0.

The Frogs threatened with 3:30 to go in the game. Quarterback Ryan Kraft was flushed from the pocket on fourth down and found a receiver in the endzone to put six points on the board for Bret Harte. The point after attempt was no good.

Despite the score, Kester said he’s pleased with the team’s attitude as they head back into game prep next week.

“They’re not giving up,” he said.

Bret Harte plays at Calaveras High School next Friday at 7 p.m.