• What: Confederate Railroad show.

• When: Wednesday, Aug. 3, 8 p.m.

• Where: Willow Creek Lounge, Black Oak Casino, Tuolumne.

• Tickets: $10.

Information: blackoakcasino.com

Touring in support of their new album, “Lucky to be Alive,” Confederate Railroad will play Black Oak Casino in Tuolumne next Wednesday, Aug. 3.

Expect to hear songs from the 12-track album as well as fan favorites — most notably the 1994 megahit “Trashy Women.”

Danny Shirley, the group’s founder and frontman, said that song still appeals to audiences all over the world.

“That’s the one people want to hear,” he said, adding he’s played the band’s signature tune in venues from France to Brazil.

A special 20th anniversary version of the song appears on the new album featuring music legend Willie Nelson and fellow musicians John Anderson andColt Ford.

“Lucky to be Alive” was released this month. Songs include “The Man I Am Today,” “If I Ever Cross That Line,” and “Whisky and Women.” The band even dabbled in bluegrass with the new tune, “Don’t Feel As Young As I Used To,” which features guest artist Dan Tyminski of Union Station. Other tracks, such as “Goodbye Song,” were inspired by a divorce Shirley went through.

Speaking from his home in Georgia earlier this month, Shirley was about to hit the road again for gigs in Minnesota and West Virginia. The band plays about 100 shows a year.

Shirley said he looks forward to taking the stage at Black Oak Casino’s Willow Creek Lounge.

“That’s one of my Top 5 places in the country to play,” he said. “That’s a real fun place to play.”

With “Lucky to be Alive,” it has been 15 years since the band has released original music.

Will it be another 15 years before new music?

“Lord, I’d be 75 then,” he said. “I don’t think I’ll wait that long.”