Union Democrat staff

Atkins' comments surprising, shocking

To the Editor:

Reading T.Y. Atkins quote for everyone to pray to "god" for water in Alex MacLean's fine reporting of "Water rates to increase as drought persists" in The Union Democrat was not only a surprise but also shocking. Mr. Atkins has the right to free religion but being a Principal of Summerville grammar school, with children this young and at an impressionable age, has no business expressing his religious beliefs in public. I can only imagine what the TUD board thought, as well as others that showed up for the meeting with what he said. No doubt it crossed their minds of a religious fanatic.

Perhaps I will show up at the next meeting with my thoughts. Let's see! We could have a rain dance. Maybe that would get us water. How about everyone writing their "Dear Santa" letters early, asking Santa to forego any gifts but bring us water. We could also use an Ouija board, asking the question, "Are we going to have water in July?" The planchette will move to either the Yes or No. We could hold a county séance, all hold hands and get to know our neighbors and speak to the dead to see if they will help us have water.

All kidding aside, it may be that Mr. Atkins is unaware that public references to "god" intervening on behalf of humans may be unintentionally offensive to many people. If I had children in his school, I would request a meeting to ask Mr. Atkins not to express his religious beliefs to my children and to make sure that his teachers followed that rule. Parents should think about this - otherwise, they are exposing their children to a form of brainwashing.

Norman Reed


Grandparents beware of scams

To the Editor:

Grandparents are still being scammed by receiving distress calls supposedly on behalf of a grandson or granddaughter in an emergency situation, such as "had a car accident," "is in jail or in the hospital, needs money for bail, to get a car, to get home," and "whatever you do, please don't tell the folks!"

The callers know that grandparents will do almost anything for their grandkids. (Take notices grandkids) It seems we're all receiving these calls. I got one about a year ago late at night. Luckily I'd read warnings and didn't send money. It's hard not to if you think your grandchild is in a hospital or jail. Please folks, as our Quaker friends used to say, when you aren't sure what to do, just "wait!"

Helen Matthews