Union Democrat staff

Body image not worth your life

To the Editor:

Re: Breast Cancer Awareness month

It had been almost 40 years since I opted for a mastectomy instead of the usual lumpectomy. I have never regretted that decision.

When breast cancer was discovered then - the usual treatment was a lumpectomy. But, I noticed that both of my dear friends who went that route both died of cancer that had spread.

So - I had a mastectomy - never thinking of anything else down the line. Try going to the beach wearing a suit with only one breast - believe me that really looks weird.

Having the second breast removed was really minor surgery because there was no worry about getting all the diseased tissue. (There was no diseased tissue).

Any way, you can beat breast cancer. I did.

Caroline Lundberg


Misunderstanding the Constitution

To the Editor:

Susan Estrich's column and the editorial cartoon of Oct. 3 both reflect a sorry misunderstanding of the Constitution and of the current conflict over funding the federal government. Estrich seems to believe that once a law is enacted it becomes immutable. But laws, in this case the Affordable Care Act, may be amended or repealed.

The second basis of her argument, and that implied by the cartoon, is that one party to a matter in controversy may refuse to negotiate or to recognize the authority of the other side. That intransigent party is the president, who will not admit even the slightest flaw in the demonstrable shambles that is Obamacare. To his refusal to negotiate he has added a scurrilous propaganda campaign.

President Obama has been taking to the airwaves, bemoaning the plight of 800,000-odd federal employees who have been furloughed, but he has no sympathy for the millions of Americans unemployed because of his economic policies, or for the hundreds of thousands more who are losing their health insurance and having their work hours cut because of Obamacare.

Besides refusing to negotiate with the House, which has the constitutional duty to produce funding bills, the president has done his best to make sure the government shutdown is as painful as possible.

Het has shut veterans out of war memorials, closed the national parks and blocked funding for the National Institutes of Health. And he threatens to veto any legislation to restore funding unless Obamacare remains inviolate. Then he declares he has "bent over backwards" to accommodate Republicans.

Despite all this, delusional ideologues like Estrich have the brass to label as "extremists" the congressional faction that points out Obamacare's failings and seeks to negotiate relief for the citizens of the United States. It's totally backwards.

Michael Ackley