Sean Carson, The Union Democrat

The Adidas logo may become a familiar sight around the Groveland area, as all sport uniforms and school apparel will start to bear the recognizable brand.

The Big Oak Flat-Groveland Unified School District entered a three-year contract this month with BIG Athletics to supply the uniforms.

The partnership stands to save money, streamline purchasing and unify designs, said Superintendent Dave Urquhart.


company, a division of Business Impact Group out of Minnesota, works

with major sports apparel manufacturers to provide schools the imprinted

goods and will develop a team or school website where the general

public can purchase clothing printed with the school mascot.

Part of the money from the sales is kicked back to the district, said Andy Long, vice president of sales.


figure could be several thousand dollars annually, to be used for

apparel and gear for athletes, coaches and staff, said Tioga High School

Principal Ryan Dutton.

Long said this is the first venture into California for the company, but several other businesses provide a similar service.


district ordered two sets of uniforms, one for the Tioga High School

track team and one for cheerleading at both Tioga and Don Pedro high


Prior to the deal all teams purchased uniforms

independently, meaning multiple vendors, manufacturers, and distributors

were used, Urquhart said.

Both sets of uniforms have been at a savings to the district, Urquhart said.

The district cycles through uniforms every five years, with different teams coming due for new ones each year.


district in addition will receive 400 T-shirts, also bearing an Adidas

logo, to print independently. The shirts most likely will be used to

print booster club apparel to sell while the groups manage snack bars at

games and other fundraising efforts, Urquhart said.

“Obviously (the

company) wants to sell Adidas products, but just the price of the

uniforms is worth it,” Urquhart said, although the exact amount the

district will save he could not say.

Long agreed a small logo on

school apparel could potentially impact the purchase of unaffiliated

gear made by the same brand — a motivation for companies like Adidas,

Under Armour and Nike to supply the school gear.

Long said those

brands are the company’s “partners of choice” when signing contracts

with high school and college athletic programs because of their

popularity among that age group.