Members the Professional Referral Organization of Sonora recently toured Blue Mountain Minerals in Columbia in place of their regular weekly meeting.

Blue Mountain Minerals CEO Jeff Redoutey talked about the business side of the company, and Steve Brooks gave PROS members a walking tour of the plant. PROS members learned that Blue Mountain provides limestone, dolomite and gypsum for a variety of agricultural and industrial uses in Northern and Central California. Its products provide an important source of calcium for animal feeds for poultry and cattle to aid in the production of high quality eggs, milk and meat products. Its products are also used to make glass, concrete and stucco.

Blue Mountain Minerals employs many people in the community including truck drivers, office staff and plant workers.

PROS regularly invites local businesses leaders to speak at its weekly meetings or tours local business.

PROS is always looking for new motivated local professionals with high standards and good reputations to join.

For more information, go online to or attend a meeting, which are held at 7 a.m. Tuesdays at Perkos on Mono Way in Sonora.