EDITORIAL: On good deeds, growth, and the arts

With all the snow challenges this week, we thought it appropriate to highlight only the … Read more

Letters to the Editor for February 9, 2019

Wrong people in charge To the Editor: Lady Justice holds up scales as a symbol … Read more

LAYHEE: Perspectives on science, society, and women

I am a biologist with a local non-profit. In my career I have been involved … Read more

Letters to the Editor for February 6, 2019

Too many outside consultants To the Editor: Why are the city and county contracting outside … Read more

Here’s how to help

We have been uplifted by the many, many people who have written and called to … Read more

SHAPIRO: Last JFK aide dead. Silent generation still has something to say

It is a futilely human failing to try to find some larger pattern in the … Read more

HANSON: Much has changed for the better since 2016, not that Donald Trump will get credit

The news obsesses over the recent government shutdown, the latest Robert Mueller arrest and, of … Read more

EDITORIAL : On using knowledge and poultry problems

Stretching for knowledge When students at Sonora High School make their proposal for their senior … Read more

Letters to the Editor for February 1, 2019

Our Views is a near-sighted one To the Editor: The idea that Board of Supervisors … Read more

RIDDLE COLUMN: Stories well told — That’s your local newspaper

If you haven’t read Alex MacLean’s story about an 8-year-old Valley Springs boy who was … Read more

PARKER: Spoiler alert — or not?

WASHINGTON — Billionaire coffee magnate Howard Schultz has two problems: Ross Perot and Ralph Nader. … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 31, 2019

Unfair sentence To the Editor: So this guy received a five year, four month sentence … Read more

REARDON: And another thing! Americans have become a big bunch of complainers

I want to complain about complaining. Wait, let me rephrase that. I’d like to make … Read more

BROOKS: Kindness is a skill

I went into journalism to cover politics, but now I find myself in national marriage … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 30, 2019

Democracy needs you To the Editor: Now is the time for good men to come … Read more

Kamala Harris candidacy is a test, and not just for her

Of course, a reporter asked Kamala Harris how she would describe her identity. The California … Read more

Meaningful lives are marked, above all, by loyalty

In 1900, there were two great philosophers working side by side at Harvard, William James … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 29, 2019

Presidential irony To the Editor: USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer, Detroit Free Press, Atlanta Journal Constitution, … Read more

EDITORIAL: On conversations, agreements and strange crimes

Bravos To the Mother Lode Martin Luther King Jr. committee for an important conversation on … Read more

KRISTOF: The embargo on Cuba failed – Let’s move on

HAVANA — It has been 60 years since Fidel Castro marched into Havana, so it’s … Read more

New ideas, just what downtown Sonora needs

Recent weeks have brought much good news and one piece of bad news for downtown … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 25, 2019

Pay off the extortionist To the Editor: And worry about bringing him into court later. … Read more

BROOKS: How we destroy lives today

Within living memory, political polarization had at least something to do with issues, but in … Read more

TUNE: Struggles in a world of single stories

She was standing there as an immigrant – in spite of the danger of “the … Read more

KESHNER: We must all rally together

We, the Democratic Women’s Coalition of Tuolumne County, are concerned by the ongoing government shutdown … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 24, 2019

Border security that works To the Editor: America is a nation of immigrants. Almost all … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 23, 2019

Kudos to McCarthy To the Editor: The Union Democrat’s Guy McCarthy has done it again … Read more

JAVITS: Here’s how to end the government shutdown

Take it from a professional mediator: Both the president and Congress have engaged in bad … Read more

THIESSEN: Pelosi is lying about the State of the Union

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has written President Trump to suggest that he postpone … Read more

PARKER: Reality checks in with congressional fresh(wo)men

WASHINGTON — As the new freshman class of congressional women bopped, hopped and doo-wopped into … Read more

MIHM: The State of the Union address should go away

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a keen sense of history. By demanding that President Donald … Read more

SCHMICH: What to do when you spot Jake Gyllenhaal in an ordinary place

I owe Jake Gyllenhaal an apology. A few summers ago I was visiting a friend … Read more

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