PARKER: Paradise lost

When polarity defines us, it’s easy to lose sight of our common humanity. But all … Read more

HASKINS: CON – Nancy Pelosi is bad for Democrats but worse for America

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. — Rep. Nancy Pelosi has been dreaming of returning to her role … Read more

HARRIGAN: PRO - Democrats don’t need to replace Pelosi with stronger progressive

SANTA CLARA — The modern speaker of the House is not solely the ideological leader … Read more

STEPHENS: Armistice Day and our ‘Forever Wars’

This has been a week of drawing lessons from World War I. Here’s mine: What … Read more

BROOKS: The struggle to stay human amid the fight

I watched Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece “Paths of Glory” last weekend, prompted by all the World … Read more

Letters to the Editor for November 16, 2018

Winners and losers To the Editor: At this time of heightened political speech it has … Read more

PARKER: The GOP’s woman problem

WASHINGTON — It has been long rumored that the Republican Party has a woman problem, … Read more

THIESSEN: There’s nothing wrong with populist nationalism, American-style

WASHINGTON — When French President Emmanuel Macron denounced populist nationalism this week and called on … Read more

Letters to the Editor for November 14, 2018

Wake up To the Editor: Tuolumne County has long been vulnerable to fire as was … Read more

It has been a great run

In July 1976, my wife, Nancy, who was pregnant with our first child, Erica, and … Read more

Kavanaugh debacle cost Democrats the Senate

WASHINGTON — Brett Kavanaugh must have been smiling as the returns came in on Election … Read more

What the working class is still trying to tell us

I was ready for massive Democratic turnout for the election on Tuesday. But I was … Read more

Watershed is a box of matches

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the people found out how low they were on … Read more

Election 2018 brings new faces

This looks like it could be the year of the anti-incumbent on both the Tuolumne … Read more

Letters to the Editor for November 10, 2018

TCEDA Innovation Lab – another promise not kept To the Editor: In 2014 the Tuolumne … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 9, 2018

We the people To the Editor: Your guest column by Stephen Heyman touched my soul. … Read more

Remember Khashoggi

WASHINGTON — The midterm elections are finally over, more or less, and we got what … Read more

The short-term memory of the outrage machine

WASHINGTON — When the president announced that he was sending the U.S. military to help … Read more

Midterms: Republicans had a great story to tell

As expected, Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives. But the much-anticipated “blue wave” … Read more

Midterms deliver an American stalemate

For once, it all happened more or less as we foresaw — and by “we” … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 8, 2018

Try a little human decency To the Editor: About a month ago, the Union Democrat … Read more

EDITORIAL - Despite hectic election, readers search for brighter side

In another time, when journalists did not have all sorts of information at their fingertips, … Read more

Our prince of scribes

BEAUFORT, S.C. — As the famed author Pat Conroy began his journey from this earth … Read more

EDITORIAL — Just vote

By now, you’ve likely been barraged by mailers and television ads and people hanging flyers … Read more

Lives upended by preventable hiking accidents

Two hikers died last week after falling from Yosemite’s Taft Point, located high above Yosemite … Read more

Is Trump right to block Honduran immigrants from crossing U.S. border? PRO: Caravan is a concerted effort by Honduran leftists to bypass US immigration laws

DALLAS — President Donald Trump is sending federal troops to the U.S.-Mexico border and taking … Read more

Is Trump right to block Honduran immigrants from crossing U.S. border? CON: Traditional American compassion trumps sending US troops to the border

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump sending U.S. military troops to the border on the eve … Read more

EDITORIAL - Angels Camp finds a surefire economic development idea

Angels Camp is a little city with a big — and good — idea. The … Read more

Letters to the Editors for November 1, 2018

Why not Love? To the Editor: The answer to Jacob Jaggy’s question of Oct. 30: … Read more

A secular prayer for my neighbors in Squirrel Hill

My wife, Yana, and I moved to the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Squirrel Hill from Paris … Read more

Tragedies often awaken our desire to make a difference

Four years ago, my world stopped. My calendar didn’t get changed or updated for months. … Read more

Think about what’s best for the students too

I took a couple classes at Columbia College during high school, but this is my … Read more

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