Trump racks up a record of foreign policy success

WASHINGTON — In his new book “Fear,” Bob Woodward recounts that in April 2017, after … Read more

Is there a Kavanaugh doppelganger?

WASHINGTON — In one of Brett Kavanaugh’s responses to allegations that he sexually assaulted a … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 20, 2018

No free lunches To the Editor: When store cashiers begin a shift they count the … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 19, 2018

PG&E struggles to find balance To the Editor: Guy McCarthy’s informative article about PG&E’s vegetation … Read more

The amputee who showed everyone

When he was 4 his mother found him in the kitchen with a knife. He … Read more

A look at Conservatism after Christianity

One of the many paradoxes of the Trump era is that our unusual president couldn’t … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 18, 2018

Support for Morse To the Editor: I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Morse Saturday … Read more

The most contrarian college in America

SANTA FE, N.M. — Have I got a college for you. For your first two … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 15, 2018

Dear letter writers To the Editor: I am writing to once again defend The Union … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 14, 2018

Support for Sylwester To the Editor: I attended the town hall of the General Plan … Read more

Things left behind

PAWLEYS ISLAND, S.C. — Tuesday morning, I did what millions of people have done in … Read more

Democrats like to talk about Trump breaking norms. Now Obama is

When Barack Obama took the oath of office as president in 2009, George W. Bush … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 13, 2018

Kudos to Sonora City Council To the Editor: I recently attended a TCEDA board meeting … Read more

Is op-ed writer thwarting Trump or the voters?

After The New York Times Op-Ed page published an anonymous Trump administration official praising themselves … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 12, 2018

Keep certain wildlands secret, unharmed To the Editor: Many of us have experienced the heartbreak … Read more

Booker has been running all his life

WASHINGTON — It was Day Three of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings when Sen. Cory Booker, … Read more

A note about elections and the Opinion Page

Now that we’re in the last two months of this contentious election season, The Union … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 11, 2018

A letter to Jessica To the Editor: Dear Jessica Morse, the enclosed check is not … Read more

To the writer of the New York Times op-ed: If you can’t serve honorably, don’t serve at all

WASHINGTON — The “deep state” exists after all. But it turns out that deep state … Read more

Not taking oneself too seriously is a gift

Mostly missing from the moving and deserved tributes to Sen. John McCain was attention to … Read more

Why Trump sees bias at the Justice Department

WASHINGTON — “Double standard?” President Donald Trump guffawed after Fox News anchor Ainsley Earhardt asked … Read more

Day 1 Kavanaugh: advise and dissent

WASHINGTON — If you missed Day One of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court hearing, just try … Read more

Social justice vs. social injustice

Poverty, world hunger, human trafficking, and even lack of education. These are all issues that … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 6, 2018

Sustainable forestry To the Editor: Thanks to Congressman McClintock for responding to my letter. Unfortunately … Read more

Six years, four feet, 2,650 miles

Six years ago my daughter and I set off on a hike. She was 14 … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 5, 2018

Forward thinking supervisors To the Editor: If you are as happy as we are that … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 4, 2018

Thoughts about letters To the Editor: I truly enjoy the Union Democrat’s letters to the … Read more

What we value shows who we are

Bravos To the Tuolumne County Counsel’s office for navigating the minefield of balancing the public’s … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 1, 2018

The problem of Campbell’s candidacy To the Editor: I have some concerns with Ryan Campbell’s … Read more

Here’s what I want to remember about John McCain

On May 14, 1973, two months after John McCain’s release from a North Vietnamese prison, … Read more

Letters to the Editor August 31, 2018

How did we let it get this far? To the Editor: It is a fact … Read more

Contrary to media coverage — most Americans aren’t that into politics

For many obsessed with politics, the upcoming midterm elections are perceived as a fight between … Read more

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