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Seventy-four Tuolumne County Aquatic swimmers churned up the water, set new best times and tried new events at the recent Turlock Invitational and TCA mini meet.

In Turlock, over 100 swimmers representing four teams raced June 17 at Pitman High School. The participating teams along with TCA included Turlock, Oakdale and Ellis Tracy.

Seventeen TCA swimmers set 27 personal best times.

Leading the team with over 10 second drops were Huck Harrelson, 13, who was 17 seconds faster in his 100 butterfly, 13 seconds in the 100 individual medley and 12 seconds in the 100 freestyle.

Dropping time in the 100 free along with Harrelson were Ella Schmidt, 11, with 20 seconds, Vincent Diaz, 15, with 14 seconds and Brady Arnett, 11, with 13 seconds.

Sarah Schmidt, 9, dropped 44 seconds in her 100 IM while Addie Walker, 9, improved 17 in her 50 fly.

Setting personal best times in three events were Diaz, Harrelson, Addie Walker, Sarah and Ella Schmidt.

Two bests were set by Brady Arnett, Abby Benton, 8, Kate Benton, 6 and Ethan Soto, 13.

Erik Arnett, 8, and Sienna Soto, 8, had a single best time. Dixie Nessi, 8, swam within a second of her best times.

Making their travel meet debuts were Natalie Walker, 7, Murphy Sullivan, 8, Hannah Patton, 9, Lorelei Sullivan, 10 and Morrie Sullivan, 11.

Fifty-seven TCA swimmers raced at a team mini meet June 23 at Sonora Sport and Fitness Center. The team set 102 personal best times.

Adding the 100 IM to the event list provided a new challenge for 10 swimmers. Each swimmer swam a length of the pool of fly, backstroke, breaststroke and free.

Ten more experienced swimmers dropped over 10 seconds under their previous best in the IM. Setting new bests were Olivia Nichols, 11, dropping 49 seconds, Jaxie Johnson, 9, with 20 seconds, Hailey Gould, 11, with 19 seconds, Chase Castle, 8, with 18 seconds, Ella Schmidt, 11, with 17 seconds, Erik Arnett, 8, with 15 seconds, Logan Gould, 12 with 14 seconds, Dixie Nessl, 8, with 12 seconds, Ansel Larsen, 11 with 11 seconds, and Brad Arnett, 11, with 10 seconds.

Significant drops were achieved by Jaxie Johnson with 26 seconds in the 50 back. Nichols and Leila Stuart, 10, both set new bests in the fly. Nichols and Stuart both dropped 11 seconds in the fly. Nichols swam the 50 fly and Stuart the 25 fly.

Logan Gould set new personal bests in all five of his swims.

Joining Nichols and Hailey Gould with four bests were Lincoln Arellano, 7, Spencer Mauro, 8, Robert Nikiforuk, 8, Camron Jahn, 9, Troy Schoettgen, 9, and Ethan Soto, 13.

Fourteen TCA swimmers had three best including Castle, Larsen, Nessi, Stuart, Avery Mazurkiewicz, 6, Noella Shepherd, 7, Jaxie Johnson, 9, Sarah Schmidt, 9, Evelyn Wingo, 10, Ella Schmidt, 11, Kyler McCulloch, 11, Lilly Watkins, 11, Nathan Levitan, 12, Huck Harrelson, 13.

Swimming two bests were Addison Walker, 7, Erik Arnett, 8, Sienna Soto, 8, Owen Shepherd, 9, Lillian Arellano, 10, Joshua Gould, 11, Brady Arnett, 11, and Keifer Newman, 12.

Seven swimmers had single bests including Kate Benton, 6, Murphy Sullivan, 8, Hannah Patton, 9, Madelyn Myers, 10, Elijah Gould, 12, Ethan Jahn, 13 and Vincent Diaz, 15.

Fifteen swimmers swam in their first meet including Lainey Arellano, 9, Lucy Birtwhistle, 6, Jake Boyd, 10, James Boyd, 7 Trevin Boyd, 12, Bonnevie Graveline, 8, Evan Hawks, 9, Payton Jahn, 6, Jaizlee Johnson, 6, Elliot Larsen, 8, Madelyn Nikiforuk, 8, Ellery Stewart, 11, Makena Wallace, 8, Amani Want, 12, and Elias Wang, 10.

Swimmers interested in the TCA program can contact Casey Slater at swimmingtca@gmail.com .

Submitted by TCAM director Patti Scott-Baier