Trump supporters were duped

To the Editor,

Maybe Hillary’s comments about the lower half of Liar Trump’s supporters was correct, but then maybe she should have included all of his supporters. We can’t call him president as of yet, but I don’t think we should refer to him as Mr. Trump either - his behavior is more like that of a spoiled child. We should all just refer to him as Liar Trump.

I understand the desire to take much of the control of our government away from the 1 percent, but did his supporters really think that a big-business person like Liar Trump would do that? He apparently intends to keep all of his business holdings under his family’s control (a conflict of interest). His cabinet appointees are all pro-business, pro-oil, pro-military, anti-environment, etc.

It is obvious, you can’t believe a word he says. Maybe the supporters of Liar Trump should admit they have been bamboozled.

I would like to add that Ann Leonard’s letter relative to the Electoral College was right on. I can only say that the very idea of swing states is far from democratic and downright ridiculous! If we went by the popular vote, there would be no Swing States. Everyone’s vote should count!

Jerry Fueslein


Garland deserved consideration

To the Editor:

Regarding Jill Higgins Fenati Nov. 25 letter, religious fundamentalism poses the greatest threat to world peace because it encourages people to think irrationally.

I am not compelled to belittle Mrs. Fenati’s Christian faith. Still, I am a humanist who believes humans should seek human solutions to human problems without leaning upon a supernatural deity.

She reflected upon God’s “unseen hand” governing the destiny of our nation even when “his purposes are unapparent.” She focuses on the recent Pew Research Center data that shows Donald Trump was supported by 81 percent of the born-again/evangelical vote. Pew research also shows this group has the lowest percentage of college degrees. Many reject evolution and climate change, support biblical inerrancy, and cling to superstition.

She rues the death of conservative U.S. Supreme Court jurist Antonin Scalia this year, asking her “Why didn’t you wait until a Republican president could appoint a justice of equal stature? She lauds his “strategic timing” in the election of Republican Donald Trump to fulfill this mission.

The Bible says god loves those who live godly lives: “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them (Matthew 7:20). So God paved the way for a narcissistic man, a habitual liar who hides his tax returns and brags about groping women, to win the election? Hmmm.

The Bible says God rules with fairness and justice for all: “The Lord is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works” (Psalms 145:17).

President Obama nominated Merrick Garland to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court nine months ago (some 270 days and counting) and the Republican-majority Senate has refused to hold a confirmation hearing. Since, 1975, the average time from nomination to confirmation is 67 days. Trump’s election eclipses Merrick’s nomination. Is this fair and just?

Robert Dorroh


Home Tour planners deserve thanks

To the Editor:

On Saturday, Dec. 3, the Sonora branch of AAUW hosted their annual Home Tour. Thanks to excellent weather the event saw record numbers tour five homes. Co-Chairs Judy Borquist and Lesley Thompson along with photographer Leslie Davis need to be congratulated on their well-oiled machine. From parking to touring the homes were treated as their own. One would never guess that nearly 400 people has toured their residence. What a wonderful way to raise funds for scholarships.

It was a pleasure to be able to share our Christmas with so many others.


Pat and Talf Wynne

Davina and Roy Lane

Ruth Benson

Micki and Karl Dambacher

Doris Olsen