Letter to Santa

To the Editor:

I have a Letter to Santa with my Christmas wishes too:

For Sonora City Council: a current copy of the Brown Act and respect for its importance.

For Vision Sonora committees: an end to the vision of only a “few” and a desire to include the rest of us with respect for everyone’s opinion so it can be “our” vision.

For education advocates Margie Bulkin and Juliana Feriani: all blessings and good cheer. Santa, please give everyone in charge of our children’s education their passionate dedication and enthusiasm.

For one particular school board: a lump of coal and a huge humble pie slice for your snarky, rude, arrogant, condescending disdain for the public.

For Board of Supervisors: start the marijuana task force you promised to do last June; meet/greet/thank every member of the public who attends board meetings instead of just your “buddies/insiders/homies”; give us a General Plan that actually reflects “our” plan for “our” communities.

For Cross Development/Dollar General: a county ordinance so our local communities won’t spend so much time/money over and over again to fight them. Please, Santa, a one way ticket out of town until WE invite THEM.

To In N Out: an invitation.

For TUD Board: a copy of the Brown Act and a bottle of “nice pills” for the newest member so he can lose the snotty arrogance and treat the public with courtesy and respect. He now works for them. He and his “buddy” making fun of the public at the meetings is “naughty,” not “nice”.

For all dog owners: a lump of coal if you leave your dog’s deposits on our sidewalks.

For our shopping centers: recycle bins.

For our smokers: disposal cans to “put your butts here.”

For the public: less apathy, more spunk. A pothole fixed.

Thanks, Santa.

Carol Doud


What's truly Christmas?

To the Editor:

On December 25th we celebrate the birth of Jesus. We call it Christmas.

The schools have winter shows and winter breaks. It’s still CHRISTmas. Retail stores have signs that read holiday cheer and say to you happy holidays. It’s still CHRISTmas. The media talks of holiday gifts, holiday cards, holiday trees and the holiday season. It’s still CHRISTmas.

I celebrate Christmas because Jesus is my Lord and Savior. That is the reason to celebrate. If Jesus is not your Lord and Savior, my prayer is that He will be, and then you can truly have a Merry Christmas.

Norm Gough