GOP responsibility

To the Editor:

Before too many so-called conservatives have a coronary from running and leaping around, risking falling and possibly bruising their egos with their exhilaration of the GOP taking the presidential election, let me add a few words of advice and caution.

You and the Republican Party now own the responsibility to, in your words, “Make America Great Again.” That means you should be holding Trump’s feet to the fire should he become rational and forgo present inconclusive, contradicting, incoherent statements on policy and procedure once he is sworn in.

Assuming anyone in a Republican-controlled Congress can pin him down on what his current stand on any issue may be and, more importantly, how he plans on implementing any given policy, Republicans can no longer blame the other side of the aisle for their dismal record of law-making and cooperation.

The post-election parties are over. Time to take off the party hats and buttons and start acting like grown-up, responsible Americans ready to work for the country rather than against the other party’s patriotic responsibility to question, argue and, yes, confront the great issues of this nation.

As I write this, I am concerned about questionable choices for Trump’s cabinet. Is an oil executive and friend of Putin able to be free from old ties and not let those interests color his decisions in the future? Will an ex-governor of Texas, also beholding to oil interests, a climate change denier and one who wanted to eliminate the department he would head, now undo progress from oil and coal dependency?

The choices for departments of commerce and labor also appear to be Trump cronyism.

Fear Plutocracy, not Socialism, for our country.

Wayne Kirkbride

Twain Harte

Limited resources

To the Editor:

This photo was taken … from the arch in downtown Twain Harte, looking down at the Cal Fire station. Notice the trees?

When tourists come up to enjoy Twain Harte, this is the first thing they are going to see when they drive into town for the holiday parade this Friday.

This is just a small portion of the trees that have died in this area. I am very lucky, because the dead trees on my property will be cut down by PG&E, but I suspect a lot of people in town aren't as lucky as me. I know that the county, the state and PG&E are already throwing everything they can at this problem, but I wonder whether they truly have enough resources. When are they planning on cutting these down?

Does anyone notice the irony in this photo? All of these dead trees are behind a fire station.

Laurie Powers

Twain Harte