Used car salesman

To the Editor:

Congratulations are in order for the recent letter writers who have ably chastised the socialists, communists, takers, liberals, enviromentalists, and assorted whackos for their whining about lying, crooked Hillary losing to that most humble of president-elects, Donald Trump, who will keep his promise to make America great again, just like it was in 1929.

We all thank him for continuing his rallies in which our hearts are warmed by the stout-hearted Christians chanting "Lock her up! Lock her up!" But let's make no mistake about it, lying, crooked, gun-hating Hillary will continue to conspire to take our guns away as well as plotting to destroy our sovereignty with a world government. As a preventive measure for her treachery by all means lock her up. She belongs in Gitmo.

And after eight years of dictatorship by an African Muslim, we will finally have a true Christian in the White House, a man who has told us he has "a great relationship with God." May he ever be so humble. Share your secret, Donald. Twitter us!

So, for you lying, crooked Hillary supporters, lighten up and get into the Christmas spirit of goodwill toward men. Forget that Trump cheats at golf; it's just a thing that some great men do. And for heaven's sake ignore his lies! For my part, I confess that I lack Christian charity and thus would not invite Mr. Trump into my home. But even a bigger question is this: Would you buy a used car from this man?

Daniel Connell


Stinson will be missed

To the Editor:

Sonora is losing a treasure with Police Chief Mark Stinson’s retirement. He has been great for Sonora.

Mark Stinson provided excellent leadership to our police force. He’s given wise counsel to the city and the community. He brings compassion to law enforcement.

I’ve dealt with Mark Stinson on many occasions — when crime was increasing in my neighborhood, when I served on the Behavioral Health Advisory Board, in my work with youth, on issues impacting the community.

He’s been open and honest in every interaction. He was warm and welcoming. And even when we disagreed, he gave his comments with kindness.

Mark is active with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), attending meetings and providing support to the family members and our community members dealing with this disease.

Mark Stinson arranged for all police staff to be trained on how to approach someone exhibiting behavior associated with the mentally ill.

I served as chair of the Behavioral Health Advisory Board. By mandate, half the board consists of either people with diagnosed mental illness or family members of someone with the disease. Our board members struggling with mental illness told of the noticeable difference when approached by city police officers compared to county sheriff deputies that had not been trained.

Mark Stinson served in the HOST program that visited homeless encampments to address their needs. When Sonora passed a no camping ordinance, people asked me if that was too harsh on the homeless. I said I knew Mark Stinson and I trusted him. I asked him about it and he explained that it gave them tools needed to connect the homeless with services.

Mark Stinson worked with Friday Night Live students to educate local businesses on underage drinking laws.

He is the sort of man law enforcement needs. He will be missed.

Elena Linehan


Time to right the wrong

To the Editor:

The Electoral College merry-go-round continues with Michael Ackley’s over-the-top letter (“Electoral College,” Dec. 7) describing those who question the concept of that institution as “misguided” because they want their votes to count in electing the president.

He uses the same arguments long used by those who have supported the position that the minority can prevail over the majority in our presidential elections. In all other elections in our democracy; local, state or congressional our votes count, and the majority rules.

Those who favor the electoral system offer many arguments against direct democracy such as the large states will dominate the small states, or it will endanger the two party system. Those arguments continue the concept that those of us who live in large states should be punished, while those of us who live in small states should be rewarded.

Therefore we have a system for electing our president wherein your vote for President of the United States is not counted, and in place of your vote, a small group of 528 “electors” will elect your President.

I want my vote to count not that of an unknown person in Sacramento over whom I have no control, and who is free to vote for whomever he, or she wishes to elect our president.

One has to wonder what Mr. Ackley’s attitude toward the Electoral College would be had Trump won the popular vote by over 2 million, but had lost the electoral vote!

Let’s right this wrong now!

Mahlon Conly

Twain Harte

Community fortunate for SRMC

To the Editor:

We recently experienced medical situations that required two separate trips to Sonora Regional ER. Over the past several years I have heard many negative comments regarding Sonora Regional; many people telling me never go there for medical services if you can go somewhere else.

My husband is handicapped, a stroke victim and has many other health issues. We have spent many hours in hospital ER’s and urgent care facilities over the years. Sonora Regional ER shines above them. Sonora Regional ER has the most dedicated caring staff I have ever had the experience of meeting. Their treatment, expertise, knowledge and compassion are exceptional. From the receptionist to admitting, nursing and assisting staff, specialists and, finally, the doctors, all excel.

Admission to the hospital was not possible because of “out of area” Medicare managed insurance, but I can’t imagine that admitting staff for the hospital would be less positive. The local community is very fortunate to have such a caring knowledgeable medical staff and facility available.

Betty Powers

Twain Harte