An unbiased view

To the Editor:

"I am here for one reason — to say thank you. It was a grassroots movement the likes of which the world has never seen before.

We will end illegal immigration, construct a great wall, dismantle the criminal cartel and liberate our communities from gang violence and drugs — and protect the jobs and wages for American workers.

People coming into our country must have the potential to love us — not hate us. We condemn bigotry and prejudice and reject the language of separation.

We will pledge allegiance to one flag and that flag is the American flag. It is going to be America First. We had people running our country that put other countries first — over America — and forgot our shared national community. Never again will any interest come before the interests of the American people.

The extremely dishonest press refused to count it a victory for Trump when Pennsylvania came in at 98 percent. With the final announcement, a debate host and major network anchor cried!

The era of economic surrender is over. We are going to fight for every American job. We are going to cause a new Industrial Revolution.

We are going to support working women and support law and order in our inner cities, which have been forsaken.

We will rebuild our depleted military and stop looking to topple regimes and over-throwing governments. Six trillion spent in the Middle East while our infrastructure is crumbling.

We are going to drain the swamp of corruption in D.C. and place a ban on lobbyists.

Now that you put me in this position — even if you don’t help me — I’m going to get it done. It would be easier with you."

Rebuilding America begins with “fair and ethical” reporting by The Union Democrat on President Trump’s actual words and intentions. Only with an unbiased press will our nation unify and make America great again.

Jo Anna Savage

Twain Harte

Too many bad decisions

To the Editor:

Bravo to Tracy Calkins and Terry Clark for their letters on Dec. 3 regarding the Sonora Union High School Budget. The budget crisis, which was so cleverly called "The Perfect Storm," actually seemed to me more like a man-made tornado caused by Mr. Chabot and the board with his poor management skills and the support of the same from the board!

Now that the damage is done, these same people are responsible for fixing it? They obviously have no insight on what's important in this community, if they are even thinking of cutting any technical programs. As Mr. Clark noted, college is not for everyone, especially in this rural community.

In the recent Union Democrat poll, 52 percent of the taxpayers voted to cut board members’ benefits and administration positions. Sounds like a great idea, especially since they are the root of the problem.

On top of the mess that has been created over the past year or so, the board is considering a contract for $6,500 for someone to review food services and maintenance? Ridiculous! Why doesn't the board hire someone from the outside to review their performance along with Mr. Chabot. Maybe we need to clean house or, better yet, consolidate schools to rid us of too many people making bad decisions.

Unfortunately, all I see in Sonora is people on boards, committees and councils making poor decisions and only worrying about keeping their jobs. In the workforce, Mr. Chabot would have most definitely been fired a long time ago, or not hired in the first place. It's sad that so many people in power over taxpayers’ dollars can't really do the job.

Sheri Malone