What a shame

To the Editor:

Someone please tell Jill Stein that the election is over. Period. The wasting of not only private funds (origins that have not been exposed) as well as taxpayers’ money is shameful.

As there has been no proof of wrongdoing, tampering, etc. , even her lawyer has stated that no evidence exists of wrongdoing, one must wonder what Stein's real intentions are. Is Stein that desperate to keep her name out there for future elections?

Just imagine what those millions of dollars could be used for. Clothing and shelter for the homeless, food for starving children and their families, support for our aging population, or funds to aid our vets coming home with horrific injuries are just a drop in the bucket. The waste of millions and now tying up the court system to have ballots recounted will change nothing.

What a shame.

Barb Birks


Obama's legacy

To the Editor:

In 2009 Obama had his first meeting with the GOP. In that meeting he said that he was concerned about his legacy. After almost eight years in office, I will write his legacy as I see it. Barack Hussein Obama was the forty fourth president of the United States of America. Barack Hussein Obama was the first black president. Barack Hussein Obama was a great fund raiser for the Democratic Party.

Bob DeCristoferi