On service, persistence and baby formula

Bravos It’s more commonplace to criticize a public utility, but this week praise — and … Read more

Medical Center seeks support for Dignity contract

Providing Calaveras County residents with access to compassionate, high-quality health care has always been Dignity … Read more

We should all work together

I attended the annual Martin Luther King Celebration at the Sonora High Auditorium earlier this … Read more

This 24-year-old is an emblem of the White House’s recklessness

If the name Taylor Weyeneth rings a tiny bell in your head, then you might … Read more

On community, good planning and the future

Bravos To Dao Nguyen French and all the people who helped her overcome a childhood … Read more

On friends, teachers and including everyone

Bravos To Mary Jane Riva, CEO and president of Pizza Factory, who donated a buddy … Read more

Build that courthouse

At this point, we might be forgiven for feeling just a little bit like Charlie … Read more

We need better land-use planning

Congressional candidate Jessica Morse in an excellent guest opinion cited the expense of preventing and … Read more

Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties - Elected Officials

Calaveras County Board of Supervisors District 1 Gary Tofanelli gtofanelli@co.calaveras.ca.us (209) 286-9002 District 2 Jack … Read more

On helping others, and the others who don’t

Bravos To the folks from Veterans Services who spent their own time helping one of … Read more

Homelessness is a community problem

The weather has warmed up some and so the threat of people freezing to death … Read more

How to contact elected officials

As a public service and to ramp up civic involvement this year, The Union Democrat … Read more

Hello, 2018

So here we go, running headlong into 2018. Blank slate. What’s next? The holidays are … Read more

Bravos & Barbs — On an impactful community

Bravos To the outpouring of support for Marlin and Erline Heldstab, longtime Tuolumne educators who … Read more

A look back and ahead

When I speak to civic groups, the question about the future of the newspaper always … Read more

Speaking with words

When I read the recent headline that our nation’s primary public health agency, the Centers … Read more

Displays illuminate the magic of Christmas

In our family, driving around to look at Christmas lights is a tradition. We’ve been … Read more

Medical marijuana helps many

After several years of pharmaceutical treatments for my disease, I was at death’s door. Desperate, … Read more

Preserving Tuolumne County heritage

It’s not often that the county can do one, let alone two, historic preservation projects … Read more

On helping, technology, giving and criminals

Bravos To Tuolumne County for spending $3.5 million on software and other technology to enable … Read more

Let us hear your thoughts for the coming year

A reader suggested we print letters to Santa from grown-ups this holiday season. It seems … Read more

Programs teach an awareness of the wild

In 1990, I left work as a Forest Service firefighter to help launch a nonprofit … Read more

I am an American veteran

I have hit the beach at Normandy, and weaved my way up Mount Suribachi, charging … Read more

Leave no taxpayer behind

In the last four national elections, Americans made it clear that we won’t accept the … Read more

Save tax deductions for the homeowners

There’s a reason homeownership is still considered the “American Dream.” A home is a place … Read more

Guest Opinion: Homeless task force needs balance

I was appalled that our Sonora City Council leaders denied Hazel Mitchell a spot on … Read more

Guest Opinion: Time to create a homeless campground

Everyone is well aware of the problem of our homeless population in Tuolumne County. Some … Read more

Calaveras resident warns of coming disaster

For the past few weeks Calaveras County has felt like a slow-moving train wreck. There’s … Read more

Homeless issues, charity and the future

Bravos To the city of Sonora’s homeless task force, which in its first few meetings … Read more

Look around, the good abounds

In gratitude: For Mother Nature. Autumn here is simply stunning. For our heritage landscapers For … Read more

Sonora’s misguided plans for Red Church intersection

The Red Church at the north of town is Sonora’s most iconic view. Once again, … Read more

It’s water professionals week

It is a commonly understood fact that water is the elixir of life, something we … Read more

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