Will lawsuits and fees frustrate Governor Brown’s tunnels?

The first time Jerry Brown was governor of California, his greatest policy defeat came when … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 19, 2017

DACA — For or against? To the Editor: Should the children of parents who came … Read more

Good school attendance equates to a lifetime of learning

September is National School Attendance Awareness month. Students are back in class in our communities … Read more

Affordable housing needed, but in what form?

Everyone in California is at least peripherally aware of the state’s ever-worsening housing crisis: It’s … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 16, 2017

Candidate’s forum To the Editor: For your readers who are interested in the future of … Read more

In war, equality of sacrifice essential

Three aging U.S. veterans of the war in Vietnam, each of whom still bears the … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 15, 2017

Grateful landowner To the Editor As a resident of Twain Harte, who like so many, … Read more

Restorative justice works

Restorative justice is a conflict resolving method that focuses more on the mental aspects of … Read more

A lesson on the burdens of progressivism

Life is exhausting – and daily choices are unbearably burdensome -–for some Americans who are … Read more

Happy New Year

Labor Day has already come, and summer is all but over. Autumn — with shorter … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 14, 2017

Not the man for the job To the Editor: If I told you I went … Read more

The case for government and its crucial role

Seeing the devastating effects of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and of wildfires out West, one … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 13, 2017

Climate change To the Editor: A recent Los Angeles Times editorial said, “Our civilization is … Read more

When will GOP leaders admit backing Trump was a losing bet?

House Speaker Paul Ryan promised Obamacare repeal, funding for the wall and tax reform, all … Read more

Common plight helps unite polarized people

I once had a very close friend named Charlie. We spent every day together, much … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 12, 2017

What is fake news? To the Editor: Just watch any “live” broadcast of a speech, … Read more

Californians in Congress must back hurricane aid

It doesn’t seem that way now, with one hurricane after another battering the East and … Read more

Education Secretary ends a campus witch hunt

Suppose you’re the kind of thoughtful liberal who concluded from Donald Trump’s election that you’ve … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 9, 2017

Save Wildcat Ranch To the Editor: All the rhetoric I’m hearing and reading about regarding … Read more

Will Congress be stirred from its slumber?

“Congress has been dropping in relative power along a descending curve of 60 years’ duration, … Read more

The comeback of the middle-class is real

The American middle class survives. Indeed, it’s expanding. That’s not the conclusion of some arcane … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 8, 2017

Kudos for Trump To the Editor: My compliments to James Schlotthauer for his recent letter … Read more

Lefties want Feinstein out; classic age discrimination

None of the host of ultra-liberal Democrats who would love to succeed her makes the … Read more

Urban land management or lack there of

The waters are receding in Houston, and so, inevitably, is national interest. But Harvey will … Read more

Trump makes threats of war with North Korea. But what kind?

The U.S. Air Force “sniffer plane” was collecting air samples off Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula on … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 7, 2017

Overhaul tax code to help middle class To the Editor: Schooled by donor-lobbyists, Congress will … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 6, 2017

Homeless Issue To the Editor: How many types of homelessness do we have? Economically disabled … Read more

A peace pole for Courthouse Square

It is a joy to see Courthouse Square enjoyed by so many after last year’s … Read more

Make a regular plan to give, there’s always a need

I’m in awe of the generosity and volunteer efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 5, 2017

Don’t forget MLB and NFL To the Editor: I would like to share my critique … Read more

Imams could worsen campus anti-Semitism issue

There is no longer any doubt about whether anti-Semitism exists in America and on California … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 2, 2017

Summer of Love To the Editor: Celebrations have been underway this summer to commemorate the … Read more

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