Jefferson’s not going to happen

To the Editor:

When I recently read of the brouhaha over creating the State of Jefferson, I ignored it. I’m in my 60s, and this has come up a zillion times before. Let’s be clear: It’s not going to happen.

In addition to being an economic and social disaster for the counties that might join in, the California Legislature is never in a million years going to approve it. Why would they? Even if this proposal made sense at some level, what’s the leverage? And the practical and economic problems? Top of the list is fire protection. The Butte, Rim and Lake County fires cost over a billion dollars to suppress. And where did those monies come from? The despised urban centers of LA and San Francisco. Fire costs alone will bankrupt the new state.

And roads. You think potholes and infrastructure are bad now? Wait until you’ve got a state full of yahoos who don’t want to tax anything and, so, can’t pay for even basic maintenance.

Now the Board of Supervisors is considering researching the issue and holding a special election. We taxpayers should not pay a penny for this time-wasting nonsense. The Jefferson supporters have the responsibility to hire a respected economist, evaluate a budget, taxes, repayments to California, etc., then present a detailed report to the counties involved.

Finally, the populations of El Dorado, Amador and Placer counties are never going to vote for it, they’re too urban and sane. And county approval is only the first step. The state Legislature — Republican or Democrat — will never approve it. Let’s make that point yet again: never ever.

Stop doing crazy things and let’s work on important stuff like potholes, hazard trees, disaster preparedness and education for county kids.

George Durkee

Twain Harte

An invaluable service

To the Editor:

I was horrified to hear that President Donald Trump and his band of lapdogs and haters want to cut funding for Meals on Wheels because “it doesn’t perform as well as it should be.”

Obviously these people have never been on a Meals on Wheels ride-along or known someone who has received this service. I have, and I can say with 100 percent certainty it is an invaluable service to the homebound and senior population.

The meals aren’t for old, lazy people on welfare. They are for previously hardworking people who need a daily hot meal and human interaction. They are people who were teachers, mechanics, artists, mothers, fathers and friends, who deserve to be treated with dignity in their final and most vulnerable years. I saw a veteran who fought bravely for this country. I saw people from prominent families and I saw people desperate for warm conversation and recognition. How would taking away their Meals on Wheels service do these people justice? Sometimes the driver is the only person they see for days on end. Should we just abandon them to starve to death so their cats can eat their faces?

For those of us who aren’t hateful, heartless jerks, let’s not let our Meals on Wheels program suffer. Let’s take care of our own.

All these Trump supporters are so worried about foisting their beliefs on everyone and making sure they stay super rich that they are willing to forsake the very people who made this country great in the first place.

Being poor doesn’t mean a person is lazy or undeserving of food and shelter. Plenty of hardworking, honorable people are poor.

Lacey Peterson