Proud ‘whining’ liberal

To the Editor:

It’s astonishing to me how our county’s conservative letter writers are trying to stifle free speech. The Letters to the Editor from Ed Evans and Ray Anderson would imply that I have no right to state my opinion. As a well-educated liberal Democrat, I claim my right to whine as loudly and as often as I choose, and I will do so for the next four years. Isn’t that exactly what Evans and Anderson (and Ackley, et al) have done for the past 8 years? At any time during those 8 years did any of us liberals try to deny them the right to whine? Of course not. Well, it’s my turn now.

Their frequent claim that this newspaper has a liberal bias always makes me laugh out loud. How well I remember the day when our most elegant and highly educated First Lady, Michele Obama, spoke at U C Merced and the Union Democrat put the story, with a postage stamp-sized picture, on the back page. Guess whose 4-column wide color picture rode the front page? Why, it was Sarah Palin, loser and quitter, and as usual doing nothing newsworthy or constructive.

Since this newspaper does try to present all sides of politics on the Opinion page, I would love to see pieces by liberal black writers. All three of the black writers featured here regularly are very conservative. They appear to represent the smallest demographic ever, black Republicans. How are they relevant to Union Democrat readers? Beats me.

That’s enough whining for now but I’ll be back, you betcha.

Beetle Barbour


Unhappy with the paper

To the Editor:

I have, of late, been very unhappy with the state of this newspaper. My favorite parts are News of Record and the Obits. The obits are doing fine but the News of Record is just dying away! I don't know if it is your new morning schedule or what, but I know "stuff" is still happening. As for the real news content, that is certainly getting slimmer. Some days it is just full page ads,which are great to pay the bills but not very exciting to read. That said, I would like to compliment you on today's paper, December 30. It was a nice size and full of local, state and national well as my two favorites! Thanks.

Judy Herring