Too much post-election whining

To the Editor:

In all my years I have never seen so much whining after an election. The liberal media and Democrats were so stunned by Trump’s victory that they are acting like spoiled brats. That was not supposed to happen. It didn’t go their way.

They are saying Hillary Clinton should be president because she got the most popular votes. Do you think if Hillary Clinton had got the most electoral votes and Donald Trump the most popular votes that they would be saying that he should be president? Thank goodness the founding fathers had enough insight to know the popular vote would not be fair to the less populated states. The states with the most population would always determine the outcome of elections. Is that a fair system? I think not.

The question that keeps coming up is, “how can evangelical Christians vote for Donald Trump”? Myself being one of those “mean spirited” evangelical Christians, I could ask the same question to those who voted for Hillary Clinton. If Hillary Clinton was such a great candidate why did she not promote her accomplishments all the years she has been a member of the Washington establishment? That is because she had none.

Evangelical Christians are sick and tired of seeing our country sink into the abyss of secularism. This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values.

The liberal Democrat politicians and liberal media could care less about the rule of law. Our higher educational system is dominated by liberal professors who instead of educating are indoctrinating their students to their beliefs. Those in the media are saying that the majority of those that voted for Trump were less educated than those who voted for Hillary Clinton.

Maybe that is because the less educated has more common sense. A trait that is lacking in liberals.

Ed Evans