Who’s really winning the North Korea standoff?

There have been wild reports that the United States is considering a “bloody nose” preemptive … Read more

No child is alien or illegal

There is no such thing as an illegal child. There is no such thing as … Read more

Letters to the Editor for February 16, 2018

Repeal the cannabis ban To the Editor: Recently the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors passed … Read more

Senators’ questions should trouble all

WASHINGTON — After House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., sent his memo laying out … Read more

Families need a shelter of their own

The outpouring of support for Nancy Rogerson and her granddaughters has been overwhelming to watch. … Read more

Letters to the Editor for February 15, 2017

Oh, to be presidential To the Editor: How ironic that Trump and the so-called “law … Read more

Trump: How is this man a danger?

President Donald Trump suggests that the aim of his crackdown on immigrants is to “defend … Read more

Letters to the Editor for February 14, 2018

Could Trump get clearance? To the Editor: I worked for both the DOD/Navy Department and … Read more

An honorable American’s love of Trump

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Shannon Kennedy, son of Jack, retired military officer, ex-stockbroker, voted twice for … Read more

Governing with the enemy in the White House

WASHINGTON — When White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned Wednesday amid allegations that he … Read more

Senate committees cast more shadow on FBI

WASHINGTON -- In the last two weeks, cable news has been consumed with the feud … Read more

Letters to the Editor for February 13, 2018

Advice nurse is good advice To the Editor: I wanted to join with R.J. Sweatt … Read more

Finally, a unifying theme for 2018

Democrats whom I talk to confess privately that despite President Donald Trump’s unpopularity and the … Read more

On service, persistence and baby formula

Bravos It’s more commonplace to criticize a public utility, but this week praise — and … Read more

Letters to the Editor for February 10, 2018

Support when needed To the Editor: I would like to express my sincere gratitude to … Read more

Election boss beats Trump on vote panel

It’s not often that an obscure state official manages to lay a serious defeat on … Read more

Letters to the Editor for February 9, 2018

Feeling safe To the Editor: In response to Doug Gravelle letter to the editor on … Read more

Nations have recovered from turmoil

Recently I’ve been looking for examples of national comebacks — nations that were plagued by … Read more

Going, going, gone — oh, must you go?

WASHINGTON — Loss can come at you all at once, leaving you free-falling into a … Read more

Letters to the Editor for February 3, 2018

This government favors big business To the Editor: I hope my last letter (Jan. 16, … Read more

Will California produce a possible president?

From the time this year’s California political campaigns began taking shape last fall, they’ve had … Read more

Medical Center seeks support for Dignity contract

Providing Calaveras County residents with access to compassionate, high-quality health care has always been Dignity … Read more

Donald Trump and Steve Wynn evolved from rivals to friends

President Donald Trump and casino mogul Steve Wynn have been bitter competitors who have bad-mouthed … Read more

Letters to the Editor for February 1, 2018

Dreamers Against Children of America (DACA) To the Editor: It is wrong when the rights, … Read more

Obscure agency is California’s best defense against offshore oil

Florida escaped from President Trump’s plan to sell new offshore oil drilling leases because it … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 31, 2018

Trump wins medical Superbowl To the Editor: Recently our president underwent a complete physical exam … Read more

Pence’s speech: Just what the Israelis want to hear

JERUSALEM — When Vice President Mike Pence wrapped up his address to Israel’s Knesset, a … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 30, 2018

Congress is a mess To the Editor: Congress is a dysfunctional mess. Both parties. Another … Read more

Patriotism on the cheap

For the first two centuries of U.S. history — while Americans were proudly winning a … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 27, 2018

No to marijuana To the Editor: Faint praise is due for The Union Democrat and … Read more

This may be the year Prop 13 intent is restored

Any time traveler revisiting the California of 1978 would have an easy time understanding why … Read more

A matter of time

WASHINGTON — It was probably only a matter of time before some unbalanced person decided … Read more

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