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Tuolumne County Vital Statistics for January 3, 2018

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Marriages recorded Dec. 26 through Dec. 29 (recorded date given):

Dec. 26 — James Hobert Lemaster and Jennifer Susan Kuriscak

Dec. 27 — Brian Lawrence Annett and Jessica Lynn Davenport

Dec. 27 — Sean Ryan Tingen and Kaitlin Nicole Flores

Dec. 28 — Robert James Turner and Greta Lin Hall

Dec. 29 — Cody Elijah Harnish and Jessica Amelia Thomas

Dec. 29 — Gregory James Troxell and Ana Soraya Salomon Cardona

Deaths recorded Nov. 30 through Dec. 27:

Nov. 30 —— Elizabeth White

Dec. 4 — Phillip Scott “Phil” Shaw

Dec. 11 — Jill Baker

Dec. 11 — Jill Yvonne Penrose

Dec. 19 — Christopher Lee Ingham

Dec. 21 — Barbara Lynne Bradshaw

Dec. 21 — Bobbie Bradshaw

Dec. 21 — Deborah Lynn Chappell

Dec. 23 — Darlene E. “Dollie” Couch

Dec. 23 — Josephine Esparza

Dec. 23 — Helen Marie Reibin

Dec. 25 — Velda Mae Hughes

Dec. 25 — Melvin Eugene Vandagriff

Dec. 26 — William “Bill” Gaiser

Dec. 26 — Janet Leah Glubetich

Dec. 27 — Mary Louise Wooldridge

Births recorded from Sept. 24 through Dec. 18 (mother’s maiden name given in most entries):

Sept. 24 — A boy, Henry Alder Bates, to Carson Dana Bates and Sara Liane Hidalgo

Dec. 9 — A boy, James Remy May, to Cassandra Joan May and Alison Elizabeth Tudor

Dec. 13 — A girl, Allisyn Jane ann Watson, to Brent Watson and Brianna Lenae Pipkin

Dec. 14 — A boy, Eris Elliott Porter, to Austin Jeffery Porter and Alia Darlene Jane Sheble

Dec. 14 — A girl, Delilah Ann Storm, to Cody Lee Storm and Deseree Elizabeth Watson

Dec. 15 — A boy, Josiah Aiden-David Everhart, to Samantha Michelle Derby

Dec. 15 — A boy, Gian James Laffranchi, to Ian Michael Laffranchi and Guilianna Ditore

Dec. 15 — A girl, Myra Kelly Moran, to Aaron Patrick Moran and Naomi Jeanne Kneip

Dec. 18 — A girl, Abigail Marie Deland, to Casey Edward Deland and Elizabeth Marie Myers

Dec. 18 — Eleanor Michelle Denise Norton, to David Robert Norton and Kimberly Leeanne Mansfield