Mother Lode card clubs have announced these scores:

Mother Lode Duplicate Bridge meets at noon Mondays and Tuesdays at the Union Congregational Church in Angels Camp:

April 10, four-and-a-half-table Howell movement pairs game — 1) Bonnie Landis and Dave Jenkins; 2) Richard Banks and Duane Oneto; 3) Susan and Alan Hamilton

April 11, three-and-a-half-table Howell movement pairs game — 1) Susan and Alan Hamilton; 2) Catherine Holt and Christine Vanderliet; 3) Bonnie Landis and Donald Weld

Gold Country Duplicate Bridge meets at noon Wednesdays at the Calaveras Senior Center in San Andreas:

April 12, seven-table Mitchell movement — North-South — 1) Alan and Susan Hamilton; 2) Sandy Miller and Joan Fee; 3) Christine Vanderliet and Darryl Rosenheim. East-West — 1) Lind Spear and Sophie Baker; 2) Joan Thorsen and Sharon Ritchie; 3) Bill and Katherine Saul

Sonora Duplicate Bridge meets at 12:30 p.m. Fridays at the Tuolumne County Senior Center in Sonora:

April 14, six-table Howell movement — 1) Vicky and Duane Oneto; 2) Denise Galvin and Suzanne Sachs; 3) Yvonne Tiscornia and Sonny Bailey; 4) Alan and Susan Hamilton; 5) Marna Ferreira and Tom Wright