Tuolumne County schools have announced Students of the Month for February:

Makai Christian, sixth grade, Chinese Camp Science Academy — “Makai is one easy going, flexible fellow,” said teacher Sheri Betz. “With a perpetual smile on his face, he moves through his school routine with ease and interest. Being just as content on his own as he is while working with any group, Makai is extremely adaptable due to his high level of self-confidence. This self-confidence isn’t boastful; it is a recognition that he can press on through challenges with hard work and the application of acquired skills. Makai excels in mathematical reasoning, engineering and technology. As my student technology expert, he has helped me troubleshoot many problems as we work with various Google Apps such as Sketchpad and WeVideo. He has also been the creative genius behind his group’s ice cream business name and logo, ManBaby. I enjoy being Makai’s academic coach and look forward to hearing about his future successes when he heads off to seventh grade in just a few months.” Makai is the son of Angela Encinias, of Jamestown.

Alexandra Shepherd, fifth grade, Columbia Elementary — “Alexandra is a joy to have in class and a great help to her fellow classmates,” said teacher Jeffrey Broaddus. “Whenever you see her, she always has a smile. She strives to do her best and is an outstanding academic achiever.” Alexandra is the daughter of Sandi Shepherd, of Sonora.

Kara Tangenberg, eighth grade, Connections Visual and Performing Arts Academy — Kara, the daughter of Scott and Linda Tangenberg, of Sonora, “is an amazing and talented young woman,” said theater Director Van Gordon. “She has an amazing singing voice, is an accomplished dancer and is a brilliant actor. She is also thoughtful and kind to other students and is well liked. Kara helps me all the time with theater related tasks, like helping other students with dances or scenes. She is a joy to have around, and her positive attitude is an inspiration to the other students.”

Franziska Daumberger, 12th grade, Connections Visual and Performing Arts Academy — “Franziska has been an amazing student at Connections Academy and has really excelled in a variety of activities,” said school staff. “This past month, Franziska competed on our Academic Decathlon team and helped the team take first place at the regional competition. She will be heading to the State Competition along with her teammates as a result of her hard work. In addition to qualifying for state in Academic Decathlon Franziska also helped the Orange Pi Robotics Team qualify for the Western States Super-Regional Championship in Tacoma, Washington. In addition to these great extra-curricular activities, Franziska is simply a wonderful person. She always has a bright smile, compassionate heart, and we are excited to see where she takes her talents and personality next year.” Franziska is the daughter of Bernel Daumberger and Martina Williams, of Sonora.

Brady Arnett, fifth grade, Curtis Creek Elementary — “Brady is an excellent student and wonderful person,” said teacher Lori Cone. “He is always on task, and I can count on him to try his hardest. It is my pleasure to have Brady in my class.” Brady is the son of Keith and Brenna Arnett, of Sonora.

Garrett Crawford, 12th grade, Dario Cassina High — “Garrett has been selected for Student of the Month to highlight the tremendous growth he has accomplished throughout his three years at Cassina,” said school staff. “Garrett will be graduating at the end of this year, and all the staff agrees that he has become a young man that we are proud of and look forward to see what all he will accomplish. He has taken on leadership roles throughout the school and began developing plans for his life after high school that will take him very far. Overall, he plays a huge role on this campus and he will be missed once he graduates.”

Tyler Goodrow, 12th grade, Don Pedro High — “Tyler Goodrow is a hardworking, conscientious and responsible student, which is reflected in his high GPA,” said Principal Rob Egger. “He is respectful to everyone and is well liked by students and staff. When there is a need, Tyler is always willing to help. In class, Tyler asks insightful questions and is eager to learn. For the past two years, Tyler has been on the track and cross country teams. Next year, Tyler plans to attend Columbia College to study business.” Tyler is the son of Ron and Michelle Goodrow, of La Grange.

Kaleb Doyle, eighth grade, Gold Rush Charter — Kaleb, the son of Patrick and Carla Doyle, of Sonora, “is an eager learner who always puts forth his best effort and takes his studies seriously,” said teacher Lorraine DeMattei.

Aceline Matthews, second grade, Hickman Charter — Aceline, the daughter of Chris and Jackie Matthew,s of Jamestown, “is very active young girl and has recently participated on a cheer team and has taken gymnastics classes for a number of years,” school staff wrote. “Her quiet kind nature makes her a favorite among other students, and you will often find her helping a friend or teacher in need of assistance. She works hard at her studies and has made great strides this year. She participates in all classroom activities with a smile on her face and always has a great attitude. Aceline loves stuffed animals and usually brings a different one each time she is on campus. Each will have a creative name given to it and is well taken care of. She also loves crazy hats, which you often see her proudly display. Her teacher, Juliane Berger, said “Aceline is an amazing little girl with a big heart and gentle spirit. She is one of those students who is greatly missed if not on campus.”

Davis Moore, fifth grade, Jamestown Elementary — “It is not always easy to be the new kid, but Davis Moore made the transition to Jamestown seamlessly,” said teacher Mikki Williams. “He is a truly kind person who has made many friends. He is a gentle leader who encourages his classmates and brings out the best in them. As a hard worker, Davis is also very deserving of this honor.” Davis is the son of Kristofer Moore, of Jamestown.

Cutler Klein, first grade, Lake Don Pedro Elementary — Cutler, the son of Megan and John Klein, of Lake Don Pedro, “ is an active, curious first grader,” said teacher Jennifer Housler. “He loves fishing and exploring local ponds, hunting and dirt-bike riding. Cutler has a big white horse, Smokin’ Joe, and he helps sort cattle on his horse with his dog, Kinsley. At school, he is a great writer and reader and loves science. Math and problem solving is fun for him, too, and he is always drawing connections between what we learn and what he knows.”

Kuper Bankston, fifth grade, Mother Lode Christian — Kuper, the son of Chad and Bobbi Bankston, of Soulsbyville, “is a diligent and responsible student,” said teacher Jenn Taylor. “He excels in math. Kuper is a peacekeeper in and out of class. He is unfailingly cooperative and kind to everyone. His passion is basketball. Everyone at MLCS enjoys being around Kuper.

Ezra Pierce, second grade, Mountain Oaks Charter — Ezra, the son of Mike and Marina Pierce, of Sonora, “has been excelling academically this school year by showing confidence and his own ‘flair’ on his assignments,” said teacher Jill Vienop. “He loves hands-on activities related to science and using his imagination while being outdoors. He is very active in the community, as well as at church, and is learning how to be a more confident young man while making verbal presentations. I am really happy to see his progress and his enthusiasm for life is contagious.”

Kyle Smith, eighth grade, Sonora Elementary — Kyle, the son of Kevin and Eve Smith, of Sonora, “has been a continuous member of the honor roll, he has participated as a member of our cross country and track teams, and has a seat in our Bobcat Band,” said school staff. “In his free time, he likes to run for fun, compete in swimming, hang with friends and play video games. His long-term goals are to maintain effective grades and attend college. His teachers acknowledge his work ethic, kindness, honesty, and he is well-liked among his peers.”

Colton Castro, 12th grade, Sonora High — “Colton is a hardworking, courteous young man who valuably contributes to our school,” said teacher Ed Casinetto. “Colton has a strong work ethic that not only helps him succeed, but also elevates the achievement level of the students around him. He is always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs help completing a project. He is a member of the Sonora High Trap Club and has a part-time job after school. He balances all this while maintain a 3.74 overall GPA and is always seen with a smile on his face. Good job Colton!” Colton is the son of Lori and Brandon Hatler and Keith Castro, of Sonora.

Leian Dinatale, 12th grade, Summerville High — Leian, the daughter of Mike and Theresa Dinatale, of Soulsbyville, “is an outstanding student,” said Deputy Principal Stephen Sweitzer. “She has done well academically all four years in high school. As a senior, Leian is taking very difficult classes and doing extremely well. Her current schedule includes three AP classes,and Leian is earning A’s in all of them. Leian also participates in student government and is a student member of the Summerville High Site Council. Here are some of the descriptors Leian’s teacher’s used to describe her: hard-working, positive, patient, kind, excelling in class, doesn’t give up, quiet, sweet and contributes to class. Leian is an awesome student at Summerville High who is bound for great things in the future.”

Katey Klein, seventh grade, Tenaya Elementary — Katey, the daughter of Rod and Terra Klein, of Groveland, “is everything that a teacher might want or expect in the classroom,” said teacher Kelly Carr. “She is enthusiastic in her studies, energetic in sports, a friend to everyone, and has the biggest smile on campus. Katey’s upbeat and engaging personality is like a ray of sunshine. She is a loyal friend, and treats her teachers and her peers with kindness and respect. She is a very trustworthy and sincere individual who is well liked by all.”

Elora Dennis, 12th grade, Theodore Bird High — Elora, “is a great student who does excellent work in every class,” said teacher Jeff Hansten. “Because of her hard work, she will graduate high school ahead of schedule. Elora is undecided about her plans after graduation. She is considering enrolling in college right away or enlisting in the US Marines. Elora is a fun and impressive person, and I am certain she has a very bright future.” Elora is the daughter of Jesarah and David Dennis, of Sonora.

Mike Ridgley, 12th grade, Tioga High School — “During his time at Tioga, Mike has played varsity basketball, baseball, soccer and track and field,” said school staff. “He has competed in the Academic Decathlon and earned numerous medals in his career with the ACADEC team. Mike intends to pursue a career in medicine and is well on his way. In the human anatomy/physiology class, Mike is one of the top students regularly competing for the high score on the exams. His ability to memorize and understand aspects of the human body is impressive to say the least. Michael has applied to many prestigious schools in hopes of pursuing his career aspirations. He has already been accepted to the University of Utah. We are very proud of his accomplishments here at Tioga High School, and look forward to where his career takes him next year.” Mike is the son of Doug and Analiza Ridgley, of Groveland.

Seth McNally, 12th grade, Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools Office — Seth, the son of Merv McNally and Debbie Corriea, of Sonora, “always tries his best,” said teacher Bonnie Cozad. “He works very hard in all of his classes. He has a great sense of humor and is a great student. He is very kind and is a wonderful friend.”

Ella Glasser, third grade, Twain Harte Elementary — “Ella Glasser is a wonderful student who truly deserves to be Student of the Month,” said teachers Kimberlie Ballard and Kim Hartwig. “Ella is a hard worker who contributes to class conversations and excels academically. In addition, she demonstrates character, leads by example, and is always ready to help a classmate. We are grateful to have Ella in class.” Ella is the daughter of Joshua and Maci Glasser, of Twain Harte.