Slim turnout for supervisor's first town hall forum

February 26, 2003 11:00 pm


Victoria Erickson was about 10 minutes late to her first town hall meeting.

But by the meeting's end last night, the four Milton residents who attended were impressed with their new supervisor.

"This is the best meeting we've had" with a supervisor, said Nadine McBee, 80, who attended with her husband, Jim.

"I think she might be on our side," said Jim, 83. "I'll know for sure after a couple more times."

Erickson, who became Calaveras County's District 5 supervisor last month, and the handful of people who met at Milton's Masonic lodge said they were disappointed more people didn't show up.

"From the phone calls I'd been getting, I was expecting more than this," Erickson said as she sat down with her constituents. "But that's OK."

If Erickson's plans work out, other District 5 residents will have plenty of chances to meet with her.

The new supervisor talked of forming a "community action group" to monitor issues on "both sides" of the district — referring to Copperopolis on the south end, and Valley Springs, Rancho Calaveras, Jenny Lind and La Contenta on the north side.

Milton is roughly the midpoint between the two areas, which is why the first meeting was held there, Erickson said.

Ideally, meetings would be held twice a month and alternate between the north and south sides of the district, she said, with occasional meetings in Milton.

Erickson said she hopes to get at least 10 people from each side of District 5 to sit on the action committee.

The committee can do research into issues "so we're actually going to (the county) with solutions, not problems," Erickson said.

"There's strength in unity. If we're speaking from both sides of the district, we'll be stronger than this little group here or that little group there."

Erickson said another meeting will be held next month. She said last week that she will start holding office hours in April.