Winter time bowling off and rolling

By The Union Democrat Sports Department September 19, 2013 06:07 pm


For The Union Democrat

(This report covers the scores bowled at Black Oak Lanes from the week of Sept. 3-9.)

Mike Bowers (Young at heart) started the winter league off with the high game(Young at Heart) with a 267 and Dan Isam (Gold Country Youth/Adult) rolled the high series for the men with a 732.

Amanda Klaahsen (Monday Nevada) began the season strong for the women with high game and series — a 238/603.

The youth had a couple of stars with Bryton Kuhl rolling 84 pins over his average, finishing with a 160 and young Elyssa Swendeman, 6, rolled 23 pins over with a 69.

700 series were also rolled by:  Robert Porovich (Monday Nevada) 703;  Bruce Peterson (Morning Rollers) 712; Mike Bowers 705. 

Other notable scores include:  Family Affair — Ralph Caspary 265; Monday Nevada — Mike Bowers 258/679, Robert Porovich 255, Ralph Caspary 658: High Rollers — Mary Feola 225/582, Dennis Sorci 257, Jared Ford 256/671; Morning Rollers — Bruce Peterson 259; Young at Heart — Joan McGinnes 557; Jokers Wild — Les Starks 255/654, John Blatzer 654; Umchu Full House — Mary Feola 552, Warren Walker 661; and Gambler’s Getaway — Trini Mercado, Jr. 256.

The ‘I can’t believe I beat myself’ inductees included:  High Rollers — Dennis Sorci 87 pins over with 257; Richard Dost 91 over with 256.

The youth league is still looking for more individuals to join the 6-to-12-year old league.  Youth scholarships are available through some tournaments, which are based on performance-based bowling achievements in tournaments.  

Some of the adult leagues would also like to have a few more bowlers — participants do not have to have a “great” average since all leagues are currently handicapped leagues.  If you haven’t bowled in a year or two, don’t let that stop you from coming out to join a league. 

Black Oak will hold its monthly Senior No-Tap on Oct. 4.

For more information, contact Black Oak at 928-9817.