Boat Patrol searches for drowning victim

By Austen Thibault, The Union Democrat August 13, 2013 04:41 pm

Tuolumne County Sheriff's Boat Patrol searched for an 87-year-old drowning victim at Lake Don Pedro Tuesday afternoon.



Around 1 p.m., the Sheriff's Office responded to a call for a possible drowning at Lake Don Pedro and began a search from the Flemings Meadow Boat Launch.

The man had not been found as of Tuesday evening, but authorities believe he had drowned.

The Sheriff’s Office said the man was piloting a small motorboat with his wife and daughter to the family's houseboat which remains on the lake.

Upon reaching the houseboat, the man attempted to grab part of it with his hands while standing on the edge of the motorboat and fell in the water.

His adult daughter jumped in the water and tried to rescue him but could not find him.

The marina and roads to it were not restricted, the Sheriff’s Office said.