Kids’ pet project raises $302

By Union Democrat staff April 03, 2013 11:09 am

A group of five friends at Summerville Elementary School have continued their annual tradition of raising money and supplies for the Tuolumne County Humane Society. 

Seventh-graders Halle Bell, Grace Fulkerson, McKenna Hudson, Janae Roberson and Aubrey Rust collected exactly $302.05 and a large basket full of supplies for Humane Society animals. 

The donated money and items came from their classmates, teachers and staff, according to Hudson’s mother, Bonni Hudson. 

Instead of spending their recesses lounging around, the girls circulated among other classes for about four weeks after winter break to collect the money.  

“It is impressive to see how youngsters can dig deep into their pockets and piggy-banks for such a worthy cause,” Hudson said. 

The go-getting group started helping the Humane Society when they were in fifth grade and plan to start volunteering there when they’re old enough. They also want to expand their fundraiser to other local elementary schools.