On the 12th day of Christmas …

By Christina O'Haver, The Union Democrat December 24, 2012 09:50 am

Reggie Chisholm, 95, of Sonora, sits with a table full of gifts he has received from a “secret Santa.” Maggie Beck / Union Democrat, Copyright 2012.
Christmas came early this year for a 95-year-old Sonora man, who has been receiving gifts at his doorstep from a “Secret Santa” for the past 12 days. 

The coffee table in Reggie Chisholm’s home of 29 years was piled high Friday with holiday loot, including treats to satisfy his troublesome sweet tooth and decorations to display in his cozy home.





Rosy-cheeked and filled with enthusiasm, Chisholm flaunted his gifts one by one. He illuminated his plastic snowman decoration, jingled his bell door hanger and held up a package of cotton balls labeled “Snowman Poop.”

The first mysterious gift appeared on Chisholm’s front porch Dec. 12. He came home from lunch and found a large cinnamon-scented candle, accompanied by a poem telling him he would be the recipient of gifts for the “12 days of Christmas.”

“I just can’t think of who it is,” he said. “They must know me pretty well.” 

Chisholm received a Bing Crosby Christmas CD on the second day, with a note referring to his interest in singing.

But that didn’t provide any clues to the identity of the “Secret Santa.” 

Many people in the community have heard Chisholm sing, he explained before breaking out into brief renditions of “Winter Wonderland” and “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.”

He has been driving around town — he had his license renewed at age 92 — sharing his “12 days of Christmas” story in an attempt to unmask his secret pal, but has had no success.

Between receiving gifts from his secret admirer and an elegant bracelet engraved with his name at a senior dinner event, Chisholm said he’s been “living it up” this Christmas.

He’s hoping his “Secret Santa” will deliver the last gift in person today. 

“If she asks me to marry her, I’ll tell her I have to ask my mother,” he said.