Letters to the editor for December 14, 2012

By Union Democrat staff December 14, 2012 10:51 am

Bond measure displeasure

To the Editor: 

Let’s see if I have this correctly.  The Summerville High School bond issue goes down to defeat by a few votes.  The losers demand a recount and....wow!  What a big surprise!  Now it passes by a few votes.  Are you kidding me?  Is there ever an end to the political corruption?  What a sham.  Apparently I was born yesterday!

Ron Neilson


Can’t mask fire tax as a fee 

To the Editor: 

Am I missing something here or is the State admitting this is an illegal fire tax instead of a fee. Why else would I mail my fee payment to the Special Taxes Remittance Processing Center as per return envelope? I think I will send my check to the special fee processing center care of the North Pole and see if I get a late charge. 

Jerry, you can put a screen door on a submarine but it doesn’t mean it will hold water.

Tom Gookin

Oakdale (formerly of Groveland)

Chicken Ranch has a big heart

To the Editor: 

I would like to thank the Chicken Ranch Bingo and Casino publicly for the community dinner they served for everyone.

It was a huge success especially for the children and all of us. 

They really went out of their way to welcome all of us.

Thank you,

Yolanda Avalos