Letters to the editor for October 25, 2012

By Union Democrat staff October 25, 2012 07:57 am

Romney and Bush

To the Editor,

It’s hard to tell Mitt Romney and George Bush apart. Wealthy parents (Doesn’t it always seem that the senior does the work and the children get the free ride?)

Mitt wants you to believe how tough he has had it. 

When asked how to start up a company when banks won’t lend, his reply was “borrow from your parents.”

Not all of us have millionaire parents. Both wanted to appear tough to make up for lack of experience in foreign policy and diplomacy — George got us into a war and Mitt seems to want to do the same. 

Both supported the bailouts for banks and Wall Street and less rules for business, (which got us into trouble in the first place) but Mitt did not vote for the car bailout. 

Obama did and saved thousands of jobs, got the money back and created a better result.  (Yes, it may have been best to have no bailouts and Obama voted for the bank bailouts as well, but look at who Romney was concerned with: his buddies in Wall Street but not the workers in the auto industry. And he knows about job creation?)

Mitt said he wants to eliminate Obamacare, which is Romneycare. The only discussion should be if this is viable as a federal program versus a state program, not the program itself. The Republican Party already said that their primary goal was to defeat Obama — not help the American people!

Voted against a job bill for veterans so the Democrats won’t get credit! Who are they representing? Not the 47 percent, which includes those on Social Security, veterans, etc.

Charles F. Marangio


Support Brennan and Torchia

To the Editor,

Voters in Supervisorial Districts 1 and 5 have an opportunity to move the entire county government in a new direction of fiscal responsibility and toward “out in the open” government.

Sherri Brennan and Domenic Torchia will shine light into the dark corners, filled with debt,  that our county government has led us. 

I know each of these individuals to be above the rubber stamp mentality that has allowed our board to make ill-advised decisions. Some decisions have led to land purchases we cannot afford and into land sales that are best described as sweetheart deals.

Domenic and Sherri are clear thinkers and while they hold divergent points of view, they understand a supervisor’s responsibility to act according to the best interest of all the people rather than taking predetermined courses of action that benefit a very limited number of citizens.

I believe they have a vision of what government can be when supervisors are independent thinkers. I know them both to be dedicated to fiscal responsibility with demonstrated experience in standing for the values that support the good of all citizens.

Electing Sherri Brennan and Domenic Torchia will restore fiscal responsibility and transparency in our county government that we need at this time more than ever.

Mike Macon


Measure H concerns

To the Editor,

In a recent letter to the Union Democrat, the writer makes a valid point in regards to allegedly misspent bond funds, but that there are a different administration and school board trustees and the new bond should be approved.

I have serious doubts because: A year ago, the Summerville High School administration hired an out of area business to make a phone survey, asking people how they felt about a new bond measure. Several people I know also received this phone call but no prior information was published to have anyone voice an intelligent opinion. I brought this to the attention of the school board at that time.

Recently a member of the school board asked me if I had received a mailer on the bond issue. I am still looking in the mailbox for this alleged mailing. 

Superintendent John Keiter was quoted in the Union Democrat three times that a priority list of projects would be drawn up, if and when the bond issued passed.

How can anyone make an intelligent decision to vote yes or no on measure H, if the project list is still not in a priority format and bond proceeds are spent on less important items first?

A bond oversight committee should be in place before the election, that the voters can make an intelligent decision about proper and diligent spending.

And one last thing: Everyone I have talked to tried to assure me that this is not a tax increase. This may be correct on first blush but fails to mention that we pay for the bond for a longer time and in the end pay more in the aggregate.

Peter Jelito


Vote Wright
for Supervisor

To the Editor,

During the early October debate Calaveras County Board of Supervisors District 2 candidate Bryce Randall repeatedly falsely attacked Chris Wright in a futile effort to gain ground in his failing bid for supervisor. 

Bryce accused him of being part of a Socialist movement, of not attending meetings and, in a bizarre misunderstanding of water rights, of giving away Calaveras water rights because he was involved with stream restoration in Amador County.

We have been working with Chris for the past 5 years on both the CHIPS project and the campaign to Save the Mokelumne River. He has been one of key leaders in the community throughout the time he has been Executive Director of the Foothill Conservancy. 

While Bryce was living in Silicon Valley and building his dream retirement home, Chris was hard at work for the residents of District 2. 

Bryce seems to think that if you simply attend meetings that you are somehow getting things done. It is critical that our next supervisor has a broad understanding of the issues, how to work with people of diverse political views and know how to get things done. 

Chris Wright is the only candidate that had proven record to do just that.

Suzette Ariza

West Point