Letters to the editor for April 5, 2012

By Union Democrat staff April 05, 2012 07:55 am

Actions needed to save America

To the Editor: Our democratic system is worth saving and is the best. It most closely resembles nature. If animals don’t work and catch food, they perish. Native Americans lived on this land thousands of years, while we only lived here about 400 years.

• We must tax the very rich who have too much income.

• Stop wars, we can’t afford them.

• Stop lobbyist in Washington. It is bribing, pure and simple.

• Eliminate “Earmarks” on bills passing through congress.

• Stop unionization of government employees, police, firemen, teachers, etc. They are bankrupting our cities and towns.

• Stop Foreign Aid, we cannot afford it and it is bribery.

• Cut back on Social Security and Medicare for those who can afford it.

• No company or entity is too big to fail.

We all must sacrifice, try to be honest and less greedy. The alternative is dictatorship. Communism, Socialism, breaking the country into pieces and each piece run by a War Lord!  We must save our country!

Carl Olson

Twain Harte

Nasty letters from liberals

To the Editor: Recently you had two letters from people who seem to hate conservatives. Ray Mellana wrote about Rush Limbaugh and not only did he criticize Rush, but the people that listen to him. I looked in back issues of the paper and could not find a letter from him criticizing Bill Maher for his very vulgar comments about Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, and other conservative women. David Letterman also gets a pass from people like Mr. Mellana. There are many other foul-mouthed liberals out there that maybe he should look up and see what they have said on the air and in their blogs.  He said that he did not accept Rush’s apology, well, Rush doesn’t owe him an apology. Last time I looked at my radio it had an on and off switch.

Then there is Jim Hassay’s letter from the same date, which not only beat up on Representatives Denham, Issa and Lungren, but felt it necessary to say he wanted to get rid of the tea partiers. All I got out of both letters, is that the liberals are really afraid of the conservatives and the only thing they can do is write nasty letters.

Sue Kersey


Society must insure health care 

To the Editor: We pay taxes to insure that a fire department will come if our house catches fire. We all pay a modest amount so that no one has to pay the huge cost of fighting a fire if it happens to us. 

We empower our government to tax us to pay for a wide variety of necessary protections and services … things that virtually all will or might need at some time in their lives. That tax buys you insurance … fire fighting insurance, police protection insurance, education for all insurance, defense from foreign threat insurance, clean air and water insurance in the form of government regulations and regulators.

You pay your taxes if you are a good American and in so doing you are complying with a requirement to buy a wide variety of insurances. You cannot possibly live in America without benefitting in myriad ways from government services. Just as you cannot live without occasionally needing health care. 

Those who don’t buy health insurance still wind up in emergency rooms from time to time and their uninsured costs result in higher taxes and insurance premiums for everyone else. 

Health care is at the top of the list of things society should insure across the board in most civilized nations … the reason being that insuring everyone’s health is the best choice both economically and morally.

Bob Wetzel