Letters to the editor for April 4, 2012

By Union Democrat staff April 04, 2012 08:26 am

Political agendas

To the Editor:

Reference, Opinion Dated March 20, 2012. Evidently, one of your readers was very angry over the Rush Limbaugh incident, which I agree was deplorable. Was he also upset and angry when Bill Maher trashed Gov. Palin? Or when the NY Congressman exposed himself on the internet?

He also claimed disgust for Pres. Bush allowing Limbaugh to stay overnight in the Lincoln bedroom.

Did he also express this same disgust when Pres. Clinton rented out the bedroom to any and all foreigners who contributed to his campaign fund? At least Limbaugh was a US Citizen!! Why is it, when some people only become indignant when it suits their Political Agenda?

This letter writer suggested anyone taking exception to his letter was a Ditto head! Well this is just another Ditto head responding in a civil manner.

Charles Pesha


Voting responsibly 

To the Editor:

Do you know that a lot of our young people who vote, don’t have a clue what they are voting for? They don’t know any of the issues. They know who the President is and that is about it.

Don’t vote just because you were raised a Democrat or Republican. I voted Democrat for years because my parent’s were Democrat.

At a time when our country is in a disaster, we have to know who and why we are voting for. Our country is in deep trouble and getting worse everyday. We have a President who can’t make up his mind about anything.

Last year he was against Israel and last month he has Israel’s “back”. He wants us to have jobs, but he got the Senate to vote down the Keystone Pipeline. This list goes on.

I believe America has lost its’ way the last 3 ½ years. If we do not make a big change in Washington, D C this year, we will be in a desperate situation

Be sure who you are voting for and why. Study the issues. We have turned away from God and we have lost our self-respect. Let’s make America great again.

Patricia L. Du Fur