Letters to the editor for April 3, 2012

By Union Democrat staff April 03, 2012 08:13 am

Thanks to Officers, EMTs, bystanders

To the Editor:

On March 25, we were in the Big 5 parking lot. My husband had just started to park our Jeep when he lost consciousness. Before it was over, we had hit three parked vehicles before we stopped - thanks to a Chevy Pickup.

I want to thank all the wonderful people who came to help us. I did not get all their names. An off-duty EMT came from Safeway to make sure my husband was alright. A young lady ran to our assistance from PetSmart to help me. Another young lady wrote down and exchanged insurance information for all involved. A young man from Big 5 came out and gave us some bottled water.

To the people whose vehicles we hit - we are truly sorry for all the inconvenience this has caused you.

Thanks so much for your concern and understanding.

The man, who owned the Ford vehicle we hit, was kind enough to stay with my granddaughter to make sure she was alright.

Special thanks to the EMTs that arrived and took care or my husband and made sure that my granddaughter and I were OK.  I would also like to thank Sgt. Ryan Killian for driving me to the hospital to make sure we were alright and volunteered to stay if needed.

All your actions were very much appreciated and madewhat happened — seem not quite as bad as it was. God bless you all.

The Schmidt Family

David, Cherie and Andrea

Twain Harte