Letters to the editor for April 2, 2012

By Union Democrat staff April 02, 2012 07:51 am


The excesses of capitalism 

To the Editor: 

Re: Ray Anderson, in his letter March 26, seems to have a beef with liberals (“either too stupid or willfully ignorant”) but also offers some delightful gems, rarely found in right-wing circles, like this: “Bush’s tax cuts ruined the U.S. economy (ballooning the deficit).” He seems to understand, albeit reluctantly, that the IRS more frequently audits those who make in excess of $1,000,000 because he quotes Willie Sutton, “that’s where the money is” — but then likens this fact to racial or ethnic profiling, which I think is rather silly. The simple reason is this: Wage earners have their taxes withheld by their employers and have little chance to minimize their tax obligations; they can only hope for a refund. They are much less likely to use tax shelters other than maybe a mortgage deduction. 

In Mr. Anderson’s opinion, liberals think they are “smarter and more noble” or feel they are victims of “the excesses of capitalism.” In fact, that is exactly what the “smarter and more noble” people in this country criticize — not capitalism but its excesses. And I wholeheartedly agree with his final sentence: “These are dangerous times for what is left of the republic.” Mr. Anderson’s conclusions may be wrong, but he has some good ideas. 

Klaus Kraemer



Occupy Sonora 

To the Editor:

Re: Mr. Mellana’s letter of March 20. I agree totally with his views and comments about Rush Limbaugh.

Also I would like to promote the Occupy Sonora activities that y’all may have seen evident on Saturday mornings at Courthouse Square for the last several months. While we have agreed that no one individual may speak for all, I do speak here as one who has been consistently “there.” What, it seems to me, we are trying to emphasize is that what can be called the “status quo” cares little for about 99 percent of us. And it is evident, from passerby’s reactions, which is about at least 10 to one positive toward our efforts, that you agree. 

Please talk to and join us as the weather improves. Bless you all.

David A. Fristad